Friday, 26 October 2012

Plastic Skull Candle

Dear Conjure Blog,
About a month ago my plastic skull tea light candle holder came in the mail! I got sick of always waiting for the shipping of the usual wonderful wax skull candles.

One would cost me like US $25 after shipping. Not at all practical even though they were really effective and manipulating people's minds! So I went shopping at this place known as eBay. I found this lovely resin skull candle holder. I had to test it out right away!

The best people of whom to test it on were my own family members, because I live with them I can see firsthand their behaviour. (I was abit uncertain because it was made of an "unnatural" material, plastic and some hoodoo people discourage the use of unnatural materials, it would also be unethical to use it for people of whom I was doing conjure work for since I was still uncertain.)

I was craving the new fast food franchise that had opened in Singapore selling fried chicken. With Southern style biscuits and potatoes and gravy and fries...

I mischievously got all of my family member's hair and stuffed them all into a brown paper packet along with some bits of tobacco and licorice powder. I tied it up with white string and put it under the plastic skull candle.

I anointed the tea light candle with Essence of Bend Over oil and lit it up. Like all other skull candle spells I lit up a cigar and breathed the smoke onto the skull and talked to it, feeling and visualising my family members.

"You all feel like eating juicy fried chicken. You all love fried chicken. You all will buy back the new fast food franchise fried chicken with biscuits, potatoes and mouth-watering gravy."

I repeated the above like a broken recorder until I felt that I had reached their minds.

By the end of the week I had all my family members eating what I wanted and they did buy back some for me. Excellent! This plastic skull candle holder works!

Of course the above is a bad example of how to do a skull candle. With any spell you should clean your space, clean your equipment, and be much more focused. Also would be good if you could clean yourself too before with a spiritual bath.

The only draw back is that with a plastic skull you can't mutilate it or hollow out its eyes and or mouth to stuff herbs in. At the most you can stick the herbs on, and after the spell you would have to wash the skull. 

Sunday, 30 September 2012

What is Real Prayer

Dear Conjure Blog,
Tonight I shall be writing down my thoughts on prayer. I know most people out there, who are not as spiritual as us lot who do magic and are into religion do not pray. (It is sad that as we go further into this modern, electronic and scientific era, religion and spirituality is becoming dead.)

Then there are people who are familiar with prayer but don't know how to do so "properly." It is these people who complain that God does not exist and hear their prayers, well of course their prayers are not granted it's because they haven't been praying properly!

This post is for people of whom have gone through the toughest barrier, which is disbelief in these things and the existence of God/Gods/deities/spirits/energies et cetera. So they want to pray but are utterly clueless on how to do so.

(Praying with High Altar oil or 7-11 Holy Type oil is very pleasant. This oil's vibrations help alot in putting me into a prayerful state, as if I were in a church.)

For people who have never prayed before in their lives, it can be difficult especially when they have very active minds and have minds that have a tendency to wander.

You don't realise it, but prayer can be tough. Which is why all around the world there are temples, medals, statues (very often beautiful) that helps the average person focus his mind by looking at the effigy and talking to it.

(A Catholic Saint Michael's medal.)

"Pray in your heart, say it to whom you are praying to in your mind." That's how as a tot I was taught how to pray.

But well, there's more than that. You must be all quiet and calm. Feel sincere, feel like you are making contact. The being of which you are praying to is there, hearing you. Then eventually when you pray often enough, you can tell if what you feel is imagination or the being communicating to you.

This is how people build spiritual relationships by praying to saints, deities, gods and spirits. They become your elders, your friends and helpers and if you love them, they most certainly will love you in return and care for you. There is mutual respect and understanding, and it can be quite fulfilling knowing that they are always there watching you.

So depending on the individual (I feel religion is a very personal thing) do what you feel helps you in prayer. Maybe wear that medal to help you. Maybe light that incense and candle. Just remember that it must be sincere, it must be deep, it must be secret, and there must be contact.

(Guan Yin amulet in a gold and crystal case. Sculpted out of pure silver. In Asia many like their idols, so much so that they are made very small and detailed so that they can be worn, and taken wherever the devotee goes.)

Black Candle Tobacco Spell

Ah, the wonders of tobacco. One of the reasons why I call myself "Smoke" or the "Smoking Conjurer" is because I smoke tobacco and revel in it very much. (Other than this, I am an incense fanatic.)

"Black candle tobacco" is just a fancy occult name for tobacco, it is exactly the same as... you know the ordinary thing everyone smokes which is found in cigarettes and cigars? Do not be confused. The scientific name for the plant is "nicotiana tabacum."

This is a herb that I like very much and resonate very well with. (No, unfortunately I am not a chain smoker.) It is a very hypnotic herb, that makes it as if there is no distance between say, a target or a place you wish to "visit" if you know what I mean.

It is a very "deep" and in some ways a dark herb. Like opium (which is more of the mind and healing), but more on a spiritual level. It is also not as "heavy" as opium. Hence it is often used in communication spells, in which all distance no matter how far is bridged and a target's spirit can be talked to directly.

It can be used for controlling, and even cursing. The fact that it affects the caster physically as well, gently calming while smoking much helps the mind to focus. Like making your conscious mind less alert, and the subconscious heightens, it is like being pleasantly half in a dream. I enjoy the latter very much.

Oh, I have gotten off topic now!

Now, for the popular "contact me" Black Candle Tobacco spell. You will require:

• Grease-proof paper
• Masking tape
• 1 or 2 brown votive candles
• 1 ordinary candle
• powdered tobacco
• deer's tongue herb (optional)
• target's personal concerns of photo
• Return To Me oil or Tobacco Infusion oil or similar

This spell involves you getting your hands dirty.

In many contact me spells, the caster's blood is sometimes used. I leave this part for the last step, just a prick on the finger and the blood to be dabbed onto the wick of the candle.

With the masking tape, stick down the grease-proof paper onto the table nice and good. Will not do if while rolling the candle the paper comes off.

Load the brown candle of which you will be using for the spell with the target's personal concerns, right in the foot of the candle. (Poke a hole and jam in the personal concerns, and then seal it in with some wax.) Here is a macro shot of the target's personal concerns, of which I rolled up into a tiny ball to jam into said tiny hole...

Light the ordinary candle. You will be passing the brown candle through the flame of this candle to soften it.

Rub your hands with the hoodoo oil you have chosen, and rub the candle with it. The oil also helps your powdered herbs to stick onto it. Start passing it slowly through the candle flame...

The idea is to roll the softened candle on the grease-proof paper sprinkled with your powdered herbs to get the herbs deep into the wax. Some people even use two candles, by melting one, removing the wick  and spreading the wax  out onto the paper, then rolling the other candle in it, making the candle much thicker.

During the whole process your mind must be focused on what you want to occur, thinking of what you want the target to do. "You must find me. You have to find me." Something like that, as you roll the candle in your direction. Envision the person coming to you as you do so.

Half of the spell is during the physical crafting of the candle, when your intent is being "made" right into your tobacco candle.

Now if you like, prick your finger and dab your blood onto the wick of the candle.

The last part is to put it in a candle holder and light it. Then while continuing to talk to the candle as if it were the person, light your tobacco and speak to the candle through the smoke.

Some people section the candle, snuffing it out after praying, to make the spell a 3-day or 7-day affair in the nights when they are sure that the target is sleeping, some just make it a one-night thing and let it burn down. (At the back is a picture box spell with a tea light candle burning on it.)

(People are most vulnerable when they are asleep, and hence it is best to hoodoo them when they are asleep.)

Here the flame went tall, with no smoke or soot, and flickered, meaning the target was greatly affected by the work.

Tobacco candle spell. Savour it, smoke it. Try it.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Shame Briers For Shame and Loss of Reputation

For this simple spell, I have to go out into the fields and sometimes if I feel more adventurous than usual right into the woods near my home.

Part of the magic is touching the shame brier while it is alive and growing from the ground, it grows usually together with grass in clumps. Say aloud your intent and the full name of the person of whom you want to mess up as the shame brier's leaves close up and bows downwards to the ground. (Don't forget to focus.)

An example would be, "Derek be shamed from loss of reputation."

After it has fainted completely, collect the leaves of the brier, or just uproot the whole thing to bring home with you.

I like to dry them before I use them. So like any root or herb you strew them nicely around a candle dressed with the oil of your choice. In this case it is crossing oil on a black candle.

Magic can be done at any time of the day or week, but some days and some hours are more suitable. For me being a night owl, all the fun and mischief happens in the night, and I am much more alert and in tune with things.

This is a rusty tin candle holder, and I hammered it to make its base unstable. It is symbolic of an unstable reputation. Underneath the heat-resistant cork mat are the victim's personal concerns and petition paper.

This holder has two handles, when praying, I tap it on either side causing the candle to sway and rock like a rocking chair, while chanting and cursing the victim to have an unsteady and unstable reputation, along with other curses.

Then like other negative spells, I leave the thing to burn down through the night and then take a cleansing bath.

Another variation is to use shame briers together with Hot Foot oil to make a person shamed out of your life.

Behold! A clean burn signifying a successful spell in the morning...

Monday, 17 September 2012

Intranquil Spirit Oil Lamp

As I have said, I am a complete oil lamp nut. They give fast results and are much more older in origin than candles. The fact that this is hanging makes the target restless. (Suspension does that effect in Hoodoo.)

Here is a record of an Intranquil Spirit oil lamp spell. I used pink oil in this case for reconciliation. As everybody knows, when saying the prayer, in one hand is the offering to the spirit:

And in the other hand a rosary:

Inside the oil lamp is a rolled up petition paper attached to the wick with red cotton string. I use DMC thread. Within the petition paper is the victim's hair, graveyard dirt and powdered reconciliation and controlling herbs. This roll can be used again and again, re-attached to new wicks.

It is better to memorise the prayer than read it off a piece of paper. (It allows for better focus and it seems more "proper.")

The oil lamp is refilled daily and the prayer is repeated nightly for as long as desired. Of course before the prayer is done is protection and after the prayer is done is cleansing. This is very important, never neglect the latter and former or you will become intranquilised yourself.

Bright and flickering flames are a good sign. It means that the victim is greatly affected and that the spirit is working hard for you to torment the target. Ironically signs of resistance are also good. The more the victims resist the harder the spirit will whack them.

Divination signs can be read from oil lamps as in vigils. Here is a very good example of a successful Intranquil Spirit oil lamp. Typically some oil is left where the wick ends, but here it has burnt completely clean and is as dry as a bone. (This rarely happens with oil lamps.)

Here is a closer look. You can see that the red string and petition paper has become the wick itself, drawing up all the oil. The spirit was probably particularly thirsty, spirits live in the present, and it was a good sign by chance the thread happened to settle right at the point of the glass bubble oil lamp.

A very successful burn.

Sometimes I have ever tried praying the prayer both in the day,

and in the night. But I feel it is excessive and does not seem to make a significant difference to the power of the spirit or speed for results.

Hoodoo Oils

Dear Conjure blog,

Tonight I shall be writing about magical oils. Hoodoo oils in this case. Most of the ones pictured here are bought, some of them are my personal mixtures.

You all are probably wondering how I tell the dozens of oils I have apart like this with all the labels removed, meticulously scrubbed off by soap and steel wool. (I just feel that they look nicer this way.)

Who doesn't like one's oil collection right? The moment new oils get shipped in, I waste no time getting myself acquainted with them. I tell my oils apart by appearance and smell. In good magical oils, herbs can be seen floating about inside and can be recognised.

I tell them apart abit by vibration and feeling too, because I am empathetic to a small degree. It is important to be familiar with them, and it really helps to "get in the mood" for the spell each are used for. You must be gently in tune, and feel the energies and spirits about helping you and hearing your prayer.

Scent plays an important role for me, since my eyes are often closed or half-closed during prayer. Hoodoo oils are subtle, and very relaxing. (Unless of course if it is Break-up oil, Dark Arts oil or Crossing oil, these sorts do not smell pleasant.)

Scent affects mood. We see people, even non-magical people making use of it, like novelty scent shops and aromatherapy. I do not quite like using those though, because sometimes they are just made up of chemicals and other artificial things made to smell like the real thing, with no connection to the herb/nature spirits associated with that formulated scent.

It is almost as though I can smell the spirits and magic itself working. Or it might be because I have been influenced by mindfulness meditation.

Dear friends, I encourage you to feel and enjoy your oils more. Smell them, appreciate their colour, the way they look and the herbs within them. It helps with understanding your magic and thus your magic will work better. With so many things and distractions in this modern day and age, we often forget that such simple little things can hold beauty and forget to appreciate them.

Good night,

Monday, 10 September 2012

The Matter of Candle Types

There are all kinds of candles that one can use for prayer and magic. The kind I use is sometimes frowned upon by more traditional sort of magicians. I like to use tea lights, because they are inexpensive and convenient to use, and easy to purchase from almost anywhere. Coloured ones can be gotten from specialty candle shops. Tea light candle holders are also abundant, with so many shapes and designs to choose from it can be confusing.

Tea lights are ugly by themselves, it is true, but not if you do them up nicely. You can be very creative with tea lights, like this "open" container spell. Now, it is worthy for the spirits.

People ask me how then do I anoint tea light candles with occult oils. I anoint them clockwise for increasing, and counter-clockwise for decreasing while focusing my intent. (For tapers they anoint the candle from the foot to the wick for increasing/drawing, and the opposite direction for decreasing/repelling.)

Surprisingly divination signs can also be read from tea-lights, sometimes knobs in the wick form, sooty burns and unconsumed wax occurs. Tea lights are also good for the tops of honey jars, because they generate alot of heat and heat makes for the spell to work faster.

Of course there is no "best" candle type to use. It all depends on the conjurer. For example my friend finds that tea lights are completely useless for her.

She much prefers traditional tapers, because the oils burn more evenly and they are more direct, melted straight onto the container spell and lit. It even "moves" from something tall, it "grows" short. Very symbolic, as if symbolising things happening in the physical world, or the spirits consuming and feeding off your offering.

Votives are rarely used by my person. I dislike the cleaning associated with them after, it is hard to keep the glass sparkling. But what I do like about them is the fact that they can be snuffed out and lit again only while working the spell, at the same time looking innocent as if it were for aromatherapy. They also seem to feel "cleaner" than other candle holders. (I guess it might be a psychological thing because glass is clean and shiny and therefore it must be clean and "pure.")

The most unusual type of candles I use are tall pillars, that take many days to burn. They are just like glass-encased vigil candles, without the glass and can be rubbed with oils outside and dusted with ground herbs. Can even be studded with herbs no problem. I advise people to buy them good quality ones that burn without running.

Oh how I love candles. Just looking at how they burn and the flames dancing makes me all happy inside.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Being Possessed By The Intranquil Spirit

I shall now tell you more about myself. I am person who ever since from young was a spiritual and wild "feral child." I will say, compared to most I am very prone to spiritual possession. In my time I feel that I have been possessed by entities at least... 20-30 times? Over the years I have learnt a skill of knowing how to tell whether or not the effects are actually from my own being, or from the foreign entity.

Yes, so in order to continue to experiment personally, and serve my subjects with the Intranquil Spirit with a clean conscience I have allowed myself to be possessed more than five times already. I practically have a spiritual love affair with this spirit now.

So this is what an Intranquil Spirit supposedly looks like...

Look how pretty she is. (This is actually the Anima Sola but close enough.)

It is said the Intranquil Spirit tortures its victims into returning to the caster. I had to find out to what extent that word meant regarding the I.S. So many have said on forums you do not do that to a person of whom you love, it is very strong crossing et cetera.

What I have done is cast the spell without any form of protection to try and get possessed by the spirit and most attempts have been successful.

How better to do potentially dangerous spells but use oneself as a guinea pig as the most ethical means right?

The experience was different every time. If you search my blog the most vicious I.S. I got was the first time I prayed the prayer with that floating candle wick. (I later discovered that happening is a very rare occurrence and is not definitive of the I.S.)

In terms of "suffering" on a scale of 1-10 I would say compared to other entities I.S. would be 6 at most 7.

(*10 being the worst experience I have had so far in which the entity that possessed me was trying to kill me. I was overcome physically for about 20 or so hours, in which I was sweating profusely, suffered from extreme vomiting and diarrhoea, had a severe headache, entire abdomen in pain, insanely thirsty, and I could barely walk because I was in so much pain. I was nearly hospitalised because I could not even drink water to quench my thirst, my body would not absorb it, I would simply vomit it all out. At the same time I was very sleepy, but the pain did not allow me to go to sleep. I thought I was going to go insane, and I thought I was going to die. That, is without a doubt "torture.")

Being possessed by the I.S. was unpleasant, but I would not consider it true torture. It is suffering no doubt, but torture I would not call it so. It also became apparent that this spirit can manipulate very well one's thoughts and emotions.

I found when possessed, thoughts of the victim/target became much more clearer and magnified. They became impossible to ignore.

I discovered that emotions I felt varied alot, they differed accordingly to my history with the targets/victims. If the relationship was a bad one in which I did the dumping, I found myself very angry and resentful, thinking of all the bad memories.  I started hating the target although the incidents happened 2-3 years ago. Naturally constant thoughts of the hated target irritated me. I felt as though I wanted to cursed and or beat up the hated target.

If the relationship was one in which I was dumped, I felt longing and heartache for the target again, I found myself getting emotional and missing the target desperately and sentimentally. I was utterly in love again and the emotions were not just psychological, but physical and sexual as well. (5 senses.) I felt as though the break-up happened just the day before. I would get teary, wishing to be in my ex-lover's arms again.

But in all possession experiences, I found something very unique about the I.S. –it was exceedingly difficult to tell if the emotions I felt were from myself or caused by the spirit. This spirit's manipulations are very convincing. I could barely tell I was possessed, at times it felt as though I was not possessed at all.

I realised it is because the spirit uses and manipulates the past (but permanent) bond created with the targets during the relationship. Thus, it is "real" emotions. It is from yourself, the spirit re-awakens and creates fresh again the passion, or wounds from the past relationship and makes you/the target feel it again right there in the present.

I found sometimes I had trouble sleeping whilst under possession by the I.S. Sleep would be shallow, I felt as though I was just laying there with my eyes closed, and there would be bad dreams if there was any sleep. On a few occasions when I woke up I felt my body was painful and stiff, whether from lack of sleep, or stress caused by the spirit I am not sure.

I better understand how this spirit works and why it is so effective. All of the above mentioned, will cause in time (months) clinical depression. And when a person is depressed, he/she will become weak and vulnerable and eventually cave in and run back to the caster. (In psychology depressed people naturally will want to go to what emotionally comforts them, and it will be the caster because the whole time the caster will be on their minds.)

The depressed, desperate and pathetic love-sick state will come after the being pissed and angry state. When the target is too harrowed and depressed from lack of sleep etc to be angry. (Also depends here on how the relationship was, if it were happy and the break-up happened due to outside conditions there naturally would be less anger because the bond was comprised of more love and harmony than anger, resentment and discord.)

Stories of the I.S. specifically causing a person to be pissed and angry is not true in my opinion. It is because the target is angry and resentful at the fact that he/she hates the caster and has decided to breakup and walk out, but %#¡*! can't, and they hate it.

If the past bond was true and strong, reconciliation is likely.  Also because the person will be a love-sick wreck the emotional intensity akin to during the peak of the love affair, and possibly even in a desperate state. By logic, if the reasons for the break-up were to be solved the I.S. can be used for an effective reconciliation. Here is a hint: The I.S. can be used with clever intent to make the person desperate enough to cooperate in solving the problems that caused the break-up. (Some have even used the I.S. on commitment-phobic people to get that boyfriend or girlfriend to commit to a serious relationship.)

I.S. is ingenious. God bless the person who came up with the Intranquil Spirit prayer.


Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Intranquil Spirit: Deep In

Dear Blog,
I have been studying alot and reading up on the Intranquil Spirit or I.S. Now I shall faithfully record my findings...

Just read the prayer carefully. It does all that. Even the part about the target humbly falling upon the caster's feet. It does everything in the prayer. Literally.

Now, it is a very minimalistic spell. Originating from Mexico if I am not mistaken. All you need is the prayer and:

Then plenty of damage can be done already. Although it is minimalistic it is an advanced spell in the sense, you as the magician will need a very focused mind. You need that to direct the spirit from hell to do what you desire it to.

Just hold the pink candle in one hand and the crucifix in the other and say the prayer.

Simple enough, but before doing the Intranquil Spirit spell. You MUST bathe in a strong protection bath. Obviously to protect you from the spirit. You do not want the spirit turning on you, trust me. It's not pleasant.

If you are obsessive you are more likely to be attacked by the spirit as well. Many people who cast the spell, say that they are able to feel what the target feels. Which is why you need a strong hyssop bath after you do the spell and do pray Psalm 51.

While being possessed by the spirit, DO NOT contact the target or you will ruin the spell. Do everything in your power to keep sane and quickly exorcise the I.S. spirit from you.

Do a reading to determine how many days would the spell need to be, in order to be efficient for the target. A very famous Hoodoo shop sells I.S. vigils, for a standard seven-day spell.

Some people have to burn a few I.S. vigils, saying the prayer every night until the light goes out, while others have done alot of damage to the target simply with just a 4-inch pink candle.

I say "damage" because the I.S. spell can be effectively used for revenge in a love situation. In which the magician avoids contact with the victim making the victim feel even worse and for the spell (torture) to continue.

Remember it is very important to focus your intent, because it is your intent that drives the spirit and determines when the spell will end. For example if you just wanted contact, it will end when the victim contacts you. If you want to be in a relationship again, it will end once the target and you have reconciled. (Some people just keep doing the I.S. spell even after contact to get what they want.)

The most basic way to do the spell is just with the prayer, a pink candle and a crucifix. There are other more fancier ways.

The use of I.S. oil is very common. Mixed with a controlling oil and the Hoodoo formula known as "Return To Me" then applied to the pink candle.

The I.S. oil is for the spirit itself, the controlling oil (I like to just put licorice roots in my pockets) helps making the spirit obey and the Return To Me is to return the victim to you. There should be no trouble in getting the spirit to obey because it is very cruel and will jump at any chance to torture people.

Now, because the spirit has a tendency to cause the targets to come back in an angry and short-tempered manner there is another method to do the I.S. spell. Some people do a honey-jar in conjunction with the spell. So that the target comes back in a love-sick manner and not angry, than if you were to do just the I.S. spell alone.

Some practitioners feel sweet work is at odds with the harsh torture the I.S. does, but I disagree. "Sweet torture and sweet sorrow" anyone? It is very possible to be tortured without being angry and the effects on the target are what is desired, longing for the caster, missing the caster desperately and being love-sick, wanting to be with the caster again with sweet thoughts. Sweet thoughts are better than bitter and angry thoughts which will make successful reconciliation difficult. (The I.S. tortures the target with constant thoughts of the caster and makes them unable to sleep in many cases, and will eventually cause depression to make the target vulnerable and emotional.)

Of course everybody's situation is different and just do a reading to see if you should do it with or without a honeyjar.

Another thing to know about the I.S. is that regarding targets, the more resistant they are, the harder they are hit, and the more cruel the I.S. spirit regards them. The I.S. does not care about the target and will do whatever it feels is needed to bring them back. It can break the strongest and bring most reluctant lovers back.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Miniature Bottle Spell

Size and scale, and burning more candles for a spell does not add more power. It is the intent and focus of the magician that does it. (Of course if you are a very competent one, size and scale does make some sort of difference, in its power to attract even more spirits to aid in your work.)

But a small scale and tiny thing can be very powerful as well when done correctly. I've done only a few of these miniature bottle spells and so far all have been successful in final manifestation.

The height of this little bottle is only a little more than an inch tall, or 3.4cm.

Inside is a tightly folded up petition paper with the relevant herbs et cetera. Dabbed with hoodoo oil at both ends, so is the tiny candle. (Birthday candle-sized.)

What I do is sit there the entire twenty minutes or so praying very intently and focusing my mind very hard until the candle burns down. Sometimes I rap my petition, sometimes I just read a particular psalm.

The whole idea is that since the candle will not be burning for long, one is forced to concentrate with that slight sense of urgency, as opposed to a larger candle. (This is good for people whose minds have a tendency to wander.)

In this miniature bottle spell all of the wax was consumed in the burn and it was very clean. A very good and characteristic sign of a successful spell. Spells in which there is alot of left-over wax is not good, it is a sign of obstacles in the way and likely a Road Opener will have to be done.

Like in most bottle spells, after the candle is done burning in the mouth of the candle it is stoppered to keep the magic inside it, and to make sure it does not run out.

In very clean burns, only the wick of the candle is left. Look carefully, can you see the white wick?

Since the bottle is so small, it can be carried discreetly in one's pocket. For whatever the intention of the bottle spell was done for.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Cast-Off Evil Spell

• Cast-Off Evil bath
• Black candle
• Cast-Off Evil Oil
• Petition Paper
• Black string
• Personal Concerns: Hair
• Eucalyptus
• Lemon Balm
• Agrimony
• Bat Nut
• Pomelo incense

1. All the while, calm yourself and focus your mind. Take that cleansing or Cast-off evil bath. Stroking down the water off your body repeating your petition. Air dry. Collect some of the bath water and fling it against a tree. Say your petition again. Walk away. Do not look back.

2. Write your petition three times. Turn the paper counter-clockwise and write your name/the target's name over it three times. Load the paper with a wad of hair, and the herbs. Say your petition over and over again, while you fold the paper away from you, making a neat little packet. Use the black string to tie up the packet.

3. Anoint the black candle with the Cast-off Evil oil, stroking it away from you. Repeating your petition, not allowing your mind to wander. Set it in the candlestick holder. Light the incense, and smoke the petition packet in it. Sprinkle the herbs around the candle in a ring, going counter-clockwise. Lay your petition packet there. Praying your intention, rub Cast-Off Evil oil on the bat nut and put it on top of the packet.

Keep praying until it feels right, and that the universe has heard your prayer.

4. Once you are done with your spell, (petition packets can be re-used over and over again) dispose of all this in running water. Or burn it in fire and camphor. You do not want this anywhere near your home or you. It is evil after all.

* The pomelo is a citrus fruit, considered the king of citrus fruits. Citrus things clear the old, break up old conditions making way for the new. For example lemons are used in Cut & Clear spells. In Chinese legend, the pomelo tree is the tree of life. Purification, very appropriate for this spell. (Bear in mind it is a different tree from the tree Buddha sat under.)

* Bat nuts are very hard to come by in the States I hear. They only come about during the lantern festival or "Mid Autumn Festival" or "Mooncake Festival" over here. Only seasonal, these grow under freshwater. In this case, it is not used for protection, but for "scaring off" bad stuff. They taste nice in sweet soup.

* When bringing away something bad using Cast-Off Evil, better root workers will know to burn a white candle to draw in something healthier into the target's life, so that the target will not feel empty. Preferably it should be done at the same time as the Cast-Off Evil spell.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

7-11 Holy Oil & Special Oil #20

These two are the bare basics, and must-haves for people first starting out in Hoodoo, be it for a dabbler or a person serious in magic.

With just these two, even a hoodoo root worker should be able to get by with no trouble at all. (As long as no cursing or domination work is involved.)

7-11 Holy oil is a biblical oil, mentioned in Exodus. It is also known as the traditional hoodoo oil "High Altar Oil." Its uses are obvious, that for prayer, devotion and blessings. For God, and for giving thanks to Saints and petitioning them. It has a very gentle resonance, and can be used for healing, tranquility and protection.

Special Oil #20 is mostly as it says on its label. It's a very good all-rounder, but mostly in love, luck and money. Because it is an all-rounder some people think it is weak. No, I assure you not at all. It is very strong, just not precise or specialised like other oils.

I find it difficult to put into words, but it has a very strong vibration or presence. It feels "big", "bulky" with a punch. (I'm abit of an empath, so I can feel it.) The best description I can come up with is that it just feels very powerful, and very lucky. Hence it can be used in protection and power spells, but it works differently from say, Power Oil or Protection Oil, but still getting the job done.

I'm sure you all know what I mean.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Container Spells

Let's talk about something other than the famous honeyjar and glass bottle spells. For container spells it is said the longer you work on it, the more powerful it becomes. Sort of like wine made to age, and the amount of focus and intent it picks up from you the spellcaster and the spirits.

The symbolism of a container spell is that it is a place of ideals created by the conjurer, in which is made to manifest in the real-world. For example a healing container, filled with hyssop, rue and lavender. Putting in personal concerns and sealing the container is putting the person in a place of healing and safety. Likewise with nasty intent, with nasty ingredients (rusty nails, needles broken glass) the victim is put literally into "a world of hurt" by the conjurer.

Of artificial containers (those not found naturally in nature like the egg) I like most of all those made of metal. Tins, cans, boxes. These are light-weight and durable. Very shakable while chanting. They come in every imaginable shape and size, and cry out to be decorated. (You can even write your petition on the outside as a reminder, especially when you have many container spells.) I seem to be irrationally drawn to them for no obvious reason. They just seem charming to me, and they surely will develop scratches and dents in time as they are used.

For these sorts of containers no liquids are used within them. Just the petitions and herbs, powders. Maybe a dash of sugar if things are needed to be sweet. I like capturing the smoke from incense before sealing them.

The sort of container you pick often reflects what sort of spell you want it for. Candy tins for positive work, and chilli sauce bottles for negative work. Medicine tins can be used for healing. For cast-off evil work, go for something like cardboard. (So that you can easily torch it once you are done with it.)

Pictured here are some of my personal container spells.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


So easily accessible. So convenient. Yet so powerful and underrated. Or in some cases people are hesitant about using them because it seems complicated or difficult. Some people say it has to be a fertile egg. Others say it has to be from a black hen. Not all of us can get that, so for the rest of us we can just use commercial eggs right from the supermarket sold in cartons. Like this British Lion brand egg.

People need to take care of themselves more, and not fall into self-neglect. It can be done so with the humble chicken's egg. (Actually other eggs can be used as well, but chicken's eggs are most common.)

Eggs, are symbolic of life, new beginnings, fertility, even a little like the world, it being round and can be also used to represent a person. These things have a strong property of being able to absorb negativity very well. Hence they are most often used in cleansings. Used to rub a persons body, starting from the top of a person's head, with a cross, another cross on the chest, back of the neck, all the time praying your intent, down to the palms of your hands again with a cross and the soles of your feet. After that it can be cracked into a glass of water to be used for egg divination. If a person is suffering from illness or being cursed, the yolk can be splattered with red, have black patches or smell bad.

A trick I know is using eggs to remove bruises. Take an egg and hard boil it, remove its shell. While it is still very hot, roll it over your bruise while praying.

Eggs are powerful for use as container spells. What you do, is shake a raw uncooked egg in its shell to mix its yolk and white. Then, you knock a hole in it and pour out some of its contents to make way for what you are going to put in it. Pour in ground herbs depending on your intent, along with personal concerns and seal it with wax. It is tedious and fiddly to do, but the strong results of the spell will be well worth it.

Write your petition like so...

Continue shaking up the egg and praying to mix well what you have put inside it. Some rootworkers feel that just doing that is enough, others like to light candles around it and pray even more.

Once again, depending on your intent you either go outside and throw it against a tree, or toss it at a busy crossroads. Go home and do not look back.