Sunday, 30 September 2012

What is Real Prayer

Dear Conjure Blog,
Tonight I shall be writing down my thoughts on prayer. I know most people out there, who are not as spiritual as us lot who do magic and are into religion do not pray. (It is sad that as we go further into this modern, electronic and scientific era, religion and spirituality is becoming dead.)

Then there are people who are familiar with prayer but don't know how to do so "properly." It is these people who complain that God does not exist and hear their prayers, well of course their prayers are not granted it's because they haven't been praying properly!

This post is for people of whom have gone through the toughest barrier, which is disbelief in these things and the existence of God/Gods/deities/spirits/energies et cetera. So they want to pray but are utterly clueless on how to do so.

(Praying with High Altar oil or 7-11 Holy Type oil is very pleasant. This oil's vibrations help alot in putting me into a prayerful state, as if I were in a church.)

For people who have never prayed before in their lives, it can be difficult especially when they have very active minds and have minds that have a tendency to wander.

You don't realise it, but prayer can be tough. Which is why all around the world there are temples, medals, statues (very often beautiful) that helps the average person focus his mind by looking at the effigy and talking to it.

(A Catholic Saint Michael's medal.)

"Pray in your heart, say it to whom you are praying to in your mind." That's how as a tot I was taught how to pray.

But well, there's more than that. You must be all quiet and calm. Feel sincere, feel like you are making contact. The being of which you are praying to is there, hearing you. Then eventually when you pray often enough, you can tell if what you feel is imagination or the being communicating to you.

This is how people build spiritual relationships by praying to saints, deities, gods and spirits. They become your elders, your friends and helpers and if you love them, they most certainly will love you in return and care for you. There is mutual respect and understanding, and it can be quite fulfilling knowing that they are always there watching you.

So depending on the individual (I feel religion is a very personal thing) do what you feel helps you in prayer. Maybe wear that medal to help you. Maybe light that incense and candle. Just remember that it must be sincere, it must be deep, it must be secret, and there must be contact.

(Guan Yin amulet in a gold and crystal case. Sculpted out of pure silver. In Asia many like their idols, so much so that they are made very small and detailed so that they can be worn, and taken wherever the devotee goes.)


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  2. This is a beautiful, simple explainations that really gets to the heart of prayer, and all spiritual work. Making connection is key... However you see fit. And any number of tools, methods and deities can be powerful if they speak to you! Thank you for sharing your work. Shaheen