Sunday, 9 August 2015

I, Smoke, the victim of a Love me or Die -type Curse

Dear Hoodoo Blog,

Three months or so ago (and possibly on-going as I type this), I was/am  the victim of a "Love Me or Die" -type curse. Apparently one of my admirers from my magical circle did that to me. I am still more or less quite shaken up by it, and am still recovering from it. There was a point of time when I was so ill that I was nearly hospitalised.

I was somewhat magically useless as well, because my obsessed admirer had cleverly bound my magic, either with a separate binding spell or it is one of the properties of the original Love-Me-or-Die type curse. Logically to prevent me from doing magic to remove the curse.

How embarrassing. (I am very grateful that I am part of a coven, and I handed over clients of whose magical needs were too demanding for during the time being for me to perform.)

The reason why this has happened to me is because I foolishly wander around with no protection whatsoever, trusting in the fact that simply because I never ever offend people and never hurt others; that no-one would do such a thing to me. How naive and DEAD WRONG I was... Moral of this story fellow hoodoo doers and magi, as one of my teachers always warned me before; "ALWAYS PROTECTION".

I have just one suspect on my list. A Buddhist devotee. Unusual of course for a Buddhist to do such a thing, they usually are very peaceful and gentle people in life and with their magic.

The thing that was done to me was high magick, it was Tibetan Buddhist, an incantation, a mantra... Invocation. It seemed to be like that of an engregori, that it could "wander" about, and could think for itself and make its own decisions on how best to make my suspect's petition come true.

The relations I have with my suspect are complicated to say the least, and I am tired and drawn out doing my best to calm said Buddhist suspect. From henceforth, I shall refer to this person as "the Buddhist." It's a very long story, but I shan't bore you all with all the minor mushy and sentimental details. The thing you need to know was, no, we were not in a romantic relationship of any kind at all, nor did we ever have any romantic contact other than flirting and The Buddhist's possessive behaviour.

Since I am a magician myself I can more or less tell if I were under a spell, or if the feelings were my own. (Other magicians who have had magic done on them without their consent would know entirely what I am speaking of.)

The Buddhist hinted to me, "Just you wait, just you wait and see what I am going to do to you. I'm going to do Tibetan incantation. You'll see, in your dream state."

The effects of the Tibetan high magick spell went along something like this:

WEEK ONE: I found my feelings increasing for The Buddhist. I found myself again, as though I was just within the beginning stages of love, with increased sexual attraction, missing and longing for my object of affection of whom was already the Buddhist. I would think of the Buddhist tenderly. I thought nothing of this, I knew it was a love spell and it seemed so romantic and harmless, and I felt flattered really, someone bothering to do a love spell on yours truly!

I knew it was The Buddhist doing this to me because all around me,  signs kept occurring despite the fact that it was not myself who was the caster. Buddhism, it was everywhere. I may as well ha been in the windy mountains of some Tibetan village or town. I would see Buddhist symbols jump out at me on the streets, a man carrying a bag with a Buddhist motif embroidered on its cover in colourful thread, someone playing the "Da Bei Zhou" hymn on the train, a person walking to me on the streets trying to sell me Tibetan Dzi beads... it was very obvious and unnatural a coincidence. Long lost friends and acquaintances who were ALL devout Buddhists randomly contacted me, quite suddenly after many years of no contact. Even a friend of whom I decided to cut contacts with for being an over zealous Christian, approached me all of a sudden, and he announced he had, converted to Buddhism! I was shocked that the impossible had happened.

WEEK TWO: Wrongly thinking that The Buddhist's love spell was harmless, I did nothing to stop it. At this point of time I was still communicating with The Buddhist, sometimes meeting for coffee, talking for hours on the 'phone about life and spirituality, or through text messaging.

Around this time another phenomenon happened that proved it was most certainly a love spell. ALL my admirers started to avoid me. People of whom I knew who were sexually attracted to me and or, had romantic feelings for me all very suddenly started outright avoiding me, a change of attitude, or for those with even deeper feelings for me, (since magic cannot destroy true love, nor fake true love) just were nowhere to be found and oddly couldn't be contacted.

Also people of whom did not have romantic feelings for me, but of whom The Buddhist wrongly mistook as competition began to avoid me as well. This "getting rid of love rivals" happened in a space of just 2 days. Very fast, and very obvious.

My coven sibling apparently started becoming crazy, claiming that The Buddhist has done cursing. I thought nothing of it since my sibling had bi-polar disorder and thought perhaps it was just another insignificant episode.

My Buddhist friends became closer to me and just kept on trying to invite me to go for Buddhist-related events, as my other friends (those of which who belonged in circles of whom The Buddhist had repeatedly disapproved of) started drifting away from me.

Towards the end of the week, I started losing my appetite to eat, I began eating only half of what I usually did. Food tasted bland, and I oddly became more full easily. My body became very weak and lethargic and I started sleeping more and more yet the sleep was not restful, although I had no illness such as cough nor the common cold. It seemed to be a combination of less food and because of the Buddhist's love spell.

Despite the weakness of my body, I became very lusty and raunchy. I kept fantasising of having sex with The Buddhist, especially in the nights. The irony was that it was very hard to get aroused and relief was very hard even with masturbation. I was suffering.

It was sometime around now, in which I realised it was a love curse.

WEEK THREE: Assuming because I was eating so little, my mood had begun to be affected. Or it could be the love curse. The symptoms felt very much like that of the Intranquil Spirit spell; restlessness, unable to sleep. Unable to eat well. But it had more than the Intranquil Spirit spell. My cleansing magic and cleansing baths seemed to have no effect.

I was so hungry for sex. Sex with The Buddhist was not possible. As I had stated our relations were "complicated" and it was not because I had never confessed before, I had, but had been rejected. (The Buddhist has "issues" as modern pop culture would coin it (possibly afflicted with Borderline Personality Disorder), loving me but not trusting me, running away and then coming back etc.)I found myself browsing dating sites and being tempted to meet strangers for casual sex, but I could not bring myself to do it.

More than a decade before I was a kind of nymphomaniac, but have since recovered due to personal determination and moral self-restraint. My base nature was re-surfacing it seemed...

It was psychological torture for me, I wanted to have sex, but could not, now by week three The Buddhist's love curse started making me fight with people. My temperament had become different normally calm and self-possesed, I had become anxious, confused. I was angry and felt like I wanted to beat people up. My body was tired and aching, as though I had gone through a triathlon. It was completely impossible for me to do any work whatsoever. I realised that when I terrorised a client who tired my patience regarding a tarot reading. (She waited until the day after to ask me more questions and outright complain about the reading, claiming her husband felt it was too general after she went home to talk to him about it, it was hypocritical because the day before; during and after the reading she was smiling and happy and said I "made her day" insisting everything was fine when I kept asking her was there anything else she needed.)

When I went out, the Buddhist imagery continued to show around me. The slightest thing would make me snap at people. From being usually gentle and patient, my temperament had changed I felt like some beast. For no rhyme or reason, The Buddhist suspiciously began avoiding me completely, not replying my messages nor answering my calls. (Perhaps like an IS-type spell in which the magic works better when there is no contact whatsoever?)

The Buddhist's love curse apparently had strong controlling elements in it as well. I felt very compelled to convert to Buddhism, but I was very angry because I did not like it. I respect Buddhism and am very familiar with its teachings, but its culture and et cetera does not appeal to me, like how some cuisine doesn't appeal to some people.

Week three was the most dramatic for me, in that I felt like a completely different person, my old personality seemed to be right at the back of my mind, I was so stressed from lack of sleep and confused, I just somehow, literally magically changed my mind about alot of things and wanted to change myself into the person The Buddhist had been trying to change me into, before resorting to magic. I felt alot of despair and emotional pain and suffering that did not make sense, I was obsessively thinking, "I need to change myself into what The Buddhist likes, or I will commit suicide."

I also noticed that my sense of time had become seriously warped. Time seemed to pass very slowly because it was torture, yet in other moments time seemed to pass faster than normal. The light of day and the dark of night, did not seem to have a distinct difference to me, It could be because I was so stressed and half-crazy, I couldn't tell.

I started messaging The Buddhist things like, "I am suffering. Please take your spell off. I love you, I want only you, I don't want anyone else. Please take it off." The Buddhist denied doing anything but said I would be cured. I did not understand the sly implement.

For some days I lied to my family that I had caught a dreadfully serious bout of flu that had me bed-ridden. I did not want to see anybody, I just wanted to hide in my room and think about The Buddhist.

WEEK FOUR: I had lost control. Now the Love Curse denied me from sleeping completely, and did not even allow me to eat. If I ate, I would vomit it out. I began tearing and was seriously considering suicide. Blood sugar levels were very low. Walking was difficult I could not wander very far from the house, I would sweat profusely and all I could do was drink water– and think of The Buddhist. Although I was so tired and wanted to sleep, I could not sleep well, I felt as though the whole time I had just lain there with my eyes closed, but the watch showed that some hours had passed.

By this time I was thinking of suicide constantly, and I had begun to think. I would do anything for The Buddhist even though I knew that was not what I wanted, I would do so because I wanted my suffering to end. A side of me felt my feelings of love to this mad degree were not real, but I did not care by this time because I was so obsessed and desperate, I was thinking non-stop of The Buddhist and wanted no-one else. I felt as though it was very hard to think straight, and I would lose my train of thoughts easily. There was a "fog" clouding my judgement and concentration.

End of Second Month: By then. I had quarrelled with my coven sibling, of whom The Buddhist was falsely suspicious of I having a sexual affair with. I did more than just quarrel with my sibling, I had blocked my sibling on FaceBook, e-mail, handphone number, What's App, Skype and everywhere else possible. (Bear in mind our relations were already severely strained from the beginning, a clash of morals and for my case, I felt a simmering resentment of being taken advantage of and being free-loaded off.) Before already, the Buddhist's spell made me feel "I need to get rid of my coven sibling or I will commit suicide. I must get rid of my coven sibling."

Before leading to the "breakup" I found myself getting less and less tolerant. My coven sibling's flaws stood out to me much more prominently, and I was reminded of the many times I ever tried to end our friendship in the past but chose to be patient/stupid and went on the path of forgiveness instead.

My coven sibling apparently was also affected by The Buddhist's spell, we quarrelled and fought significantly more often and my sibling spoke to me in an arrogant, mean and abusive manner which was very annoying to me. It brought out my resentment and I decided, to end our relations once and for all, and I felt, I honestly did not want a future in which my coven sibling was in my life.

Also, my coven sibling apparently got cursed somehow; a serious infestation of blood-sucking fleas at home. It was very random and stressful. Could not sleep due to getting bitten, all belongings had to be packed and shrink-wrapped, et cetera. It continued for weeks.

The last straw which made me dispose of my once-close coven sibling was when said sibling threatened to curse the Buddhist's mother. I felt that the poor woman would be a victim and it was unfair.

During this time I was still sporadically falling ill with food poisoning and running fevers.

End of Third Month: I managed with the help of the rest of my coven, to get rid of the cursing parts of the spell off. A reading was done, he had done this to me with the aid of my "Bazi" or "eight characters."

It is said amongst Easterners never to give another one's Bazi. Meaning; year, month, day, hour and exact minute of birth, along with one's full name. "Many things can be done with a person's Bazi". Including finding out a person's supposed destiny, temperament, path in life, and of course, performing magic on said person. In ancient China the Chinese had their own version of voodoo dolls, in which they used a person's full name and Bazi instead of in hoodoo, using a person's personal concerns.

CONCLUSION: It has been 3 months since my would-be lover has contacted me. I await patiently for this contact. The Tibetan incantation was to-
• Make me love the caster more in a fall sick, love-me-or-die desperate begging sort of manner (Love was already there in the first place) SUCCESS
• Make me understand and forgive the caster's peculiarities SUCCESS
• Make me faithful/get rid of all admirers and rivals imagined or genuine SUCCESS
• Make me convert into Buddhism FAILURE
• Get rid of my hated coven sibling SUCCESS
• Make me lose weight and look fitter and more muscular (I started going to the gym/health spa more) SUCCESS
• Make me feel closer to The Buddhist (Hard to judge succession because I am an empath, but I would say yes, I felt The Buddhist's emotions, hopes and fears despite lack of contact.) SUCCESS
• Make me unable to see the Buddhist as the culprit of the spell, akin to hiding oneself in hoodoo using bayleaves. SUCCESS and FAILURE (Although I knew it was the Buddhist, ordinary tarot readers had trouble "seeing" that it was indeed my love interest's handiwork, 7-day Uncrossing vigils burnt in my name were burning clean as a whistle although I could feel the love curse being lifted, however powerful clairvoyants and psychics were competent enough to see through it.)

Despite it being Eastern High Magick, it still could not completely take away my free will, hence my refusal to convert to Buddhism. It just made me do things of which I already wanted to do and genuinely was for the better. But how it got rid of all romantic and imagined rivals was truly impressive. I respect The Buddhist more, love the Buddhist more, am of course still blinded by love for The Buddhist... and wait for that call. That confession and for The Buddhist to fall into my arms. I wish the Buddhist is reading this very post.

(Assuming The Buddhist can get over Borderline Personality Disorder and confess, and just so I can find out what spell was cast on me and then I can share it with you fellow hoodoo people on here.)

After bearing the brunt of this, I take it as a lesson and to think carefully before I perform forceful love spells of the Love Me or Die variety for my subjects/clients.

And there you have it hoodoo folks! I thought to share this with you all because so many of us wonder what is it like to be on the receiving end of a love spell. (Like Love Me or Die.)

I am fine now because I have gotten most of the love curse off, yet it seems to linger here and there... Psychics tell me, it was a one-time off spell, not an on-going. What power! Lol. (Made me lose at least 5 kilograms or 11 pounds, this stressful magical mishap.)

Signing off,


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Love Spell: Couple Candle Divination

Good evening fellow Hoodoo doers!
I'm feeling sentimental tonight so I went through my conjure photo folder and brought these out. Actually a single pink candle just that it has two wicks, the two figures in a heart-shaped base. Sold by a famous company, a wise one if you know and surely many of us will recognise these wonderful mass-produced candles.

I did this for a subject/client who was having some love trouble. In this case the man she was in love with was fearful not of commitment, but of being hurt. (He was heavily traumatised before by women who took advantage of him and then disposed of him, and he did not have very much self-confidence and had low self-esteem.) The fear of being hurt was so great he seemed to be in a confused push and pull state, fear of loving her, fear admitting it even to himself. Although the whole world could see that he was in love with her. I knew that, when sensing him and reading him as an empath. I also sensed that he was a serious and yet sweet man, I completely approved and went ahead to do this for my frustrated and love-sick subject.

I planned carefully, I did this in a waxing moon. Moon in Leo (for courage and to express one's inner self vividly and openly) and in the hour of Venus. I baptised the figures in holy water, said their names and birthdates and called their spirits into the figures. I went into the zone and playfully role-played what I wished to happen. To the left is the female figure, to the right is the male figure.

"Just say that you love me. You know that it'll be nice."
"I... I! I do."

The candles were lathered in "Return To Me" and "Talk To Me" hoodoo oil. Other oil formulas I considered were "Crucible of Courage", "Clarity" and "Love Me" but I made my choice.

I focused for the man to admit to himself that he was in love with my subject, that she was beautiful and wonderful and she was not going to hurt him in anyway... and to SAY something about his feelings to her. The candle divination signs were very good.

The figures burnt the same at first:

Then the male candle burnt down faster, the flame was also bigger, indicating that he was being affected more than the lady. I took it as a sign that he would fall for her, and his heart would melt: (Oh it was like watching some dramatic romance film play in my head!)The wax from the male figure dripped alot, meaning tears or deep feelings and emotions, and the best, they dripped onto the woman showing his desire for her.

I got news later in a few weeks that the spell worked perfectly. He finally confessed. Bear in mind this was relatively easy because he already was utterly in love with her, (secretly stalking her and watching her) he just needed some courage. He just needed to say something and think about it.

The candle was surrounded by the usual love herbs, but to encourage communication there was deer's tongue, lavender (to soothe the man's  fears) and unusually used although it was not a reconciliation spell, balm of gilead. The ultimate comforter and herb to soothe away pain from the man's awful past relationship traumas. I like to call balm of gileads the "forgiveness herb." One-night working of sitting there for an hour praying. It was fluffy.

Good night,

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sometimes Just Oiled Candles Are Enough

Dear Hoodoo Blog,
It's time I started writing again. Sometimes when you are rushing for time, you have a tendency to get sloppy with your spells. It's not the size of the candles and the amount of herbs used and all that that determines the strength of your spell.

It's your focus and mental direction. Sometimes when doing spells I have no means to get the needed herbs. So what I do, is just use what hoodoo oils I have in my drawers. I guess it might be the whole idea of why oils exist –to make life easier and simpler for the caster.

Pictured here are six paraffin taper candles. They burn about an inch an hour. The black were dressed with Black Destroyer oil and the white were dressed with Van Van oil. To remove curses (Black Destroyer) and to change bad luck into good (Van Van).

I encourage practitioners to take shots of their spellwork using digital cameras, because for some reason spirits and orbs show better on digital rather than on traditional film.

Look carefully, the simple candle and oil offering was enough to attract spirits. One of them can be seen slightly off-centre of this photo, a spirit orb... See a purplish orb with a white centre. And to the right of it, another little white spot like a sun dog.

Spirits are generally everywhere, but when they appear around one's spellwork that is a very good sign, it means they are helping, they accept the offering and the spell was successful.

Ah, so much more magic to do...
Signing off,

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Intranquil Spirit: Different Effects on Different Victims

Dear Conjure Blog,
It's been a whole entire year since I updated. May God and the Universe forgive my sins for conducting Intranquil Spirit experiments on "innocent" people for the past year. They may be deserving being bad or abusive people in relationships, but still... one's magical abilities should not be misused.

I have come to the conclusion that because every victim is different, therefore the spirit acts somewhat differently on each victim. The Intranquil Spirit cannot change a person's personality very drastically. For example it cannot make a very dignified person, have no shame nor dignity and do as the prayer hopes for; kneeling and begging and making a fool of oneself. It cannot make an idiot wise, and know what to do to make things right or a relationship successful.

For example in one case, IS was immediately done on someone of whom was dumped. Subject still wanted revenge because of all the abuse done to her. IS of course took time to build up, but within a few weeks he kept on calling her, crying on the phone, tried to see her at her house (with tears in his eyes) and even months after still continued as if the breakup happened the day before. Subject was dissatisfied because the IS victim did not get down on his knees and begged for her, nor said "I love you, I want you back" or the keyword, "I'm sorry." Subject was actually hoping for a massive freakshow. This was because the victim had a huge ego, and it was not at all in his nature to apologise or directly beg verbally, which the IS could not change. (Still I would consider that episode to be a success because it did cause massive suffering to the victim, enough to stalk the subject and cry and obsess over her.)  IS was stopped because the victim did so much stalking the police had to watch the subject's house, because the victim started stealing the subject's panties.

I also have observed that the sooner IS is done after a breakup the stronger the effects seem to be. It could be of course the reason being the person is already wounded from heartbreak. I have observed as well that IS only works if the person genuinely loved. If it was all pretend the victim would only be angry and irritated and as the spell goes on slip into depression.

IS also works best on victims who gravitate to obsession, and those relationships in which sexual attraction was very high. (Not because of the sexual attraction itself, but because very high sexual attraction in a relationship has a tendency to cause psychological obsession.) IS seems to be weak on people who have low levels of consciousness, or confused people or insensitive people, e.g. people who don't think things through very much or even in stupid or illogical people. Also because these people do not resist the spirit, they just sit and suffer and– continue to do nothing.

Regarding confused and illogical people, IS was done for two whole years on a victim who was a young and confused teenager. He was so confused to the point of not knowing his own gender orientation nor have much of any grip on reality, he was observed to be straight but had convinced himself that he was bi-sexual (despite the fact that he had never fallen in love with the same gender before). He mused that he eventually would want to have breast implants but keep his penis, he wanted to be a hermaphrodite. Along with have a family and children, be a husband with a wife who is a woman, and have multiple careers around the world. Very unrealistic, but he genuinely believed all would be possible at the same time. IS did not do very much on him, despite his complaints of being unable to stop thinking of the requester of the IS spell. (And yes, he did sincerely love the requester. As far as his confused person would allow.)

IS also if done for an extended period of time, (after the begging and pathetic behaviour) seems to cause the victims to hate the subject/the caster. This might be due to logic since the victim is constantly rejected, and hates the caster who is the only one who can bring the victim relief. In some cases IS when done constantly for a long long time, maybe, longer than a year, or used repeatedly on the same victim, some victims can actually develop a resistance to the spirit. "Resistance" might be a wrong word, more like, actually get used to the suffering and thus the fun ends for the subject/caster. As was the case of another victim in which IS had been done on him a few times on separate occasions. On subsequent times the effects became weaker and weaker, and the last attempt it looked like it did nothing since there was no alteration in the victim's behaviour.

Then there are the other observations universal in magic. Magic/IS cannot take a person's free will away/make them do things of which they don't really want to do etc. However I can say though, one thing is very certain about the IS on the victim. If evoked correctly it will surely cause suffering in the victim, whether or not the victim gives in to what he or she is forced to do. Suffering is guaranteed. The victims almost always make some form of contact, whether to beg or insult the caster.

On a personal note I have had enough of the Intranquil Spirit, at least for now. It is most certainly not a good idea to be used for reconciliation I will even go so far as to say in most cases it is useless for reconciliation (unless the victim was dumped not the other way around, as stated in my other post about IS), but very good as a revenge love spell in which the caster does not want the ex-lover back. The ex-lover will really, REALLY get it from this spirit.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Clarity Coconut Head

Dear Conjure Blog,
Today I shall be recounting some of the Clarity spells I have done for my subjects/clients.

I am very talented at self-improvement spells, and my Clarity is strong. It does wonders for a confused person, a person in denial, a person who is wearing rose-tinted glasses, a person who only sees the good and none of the glaring bad et cetera. I have to explain what Clarity is for because although it is a very useful spell, it is an unpopular one.

I just did another "Clarity Coconut Head" recently, but the case that I am recounting is one I did years ago.

The case was a heart-broken woman who wanted her man back after a breakup. They were engaged. Unfortunately for her the readings did state that Reconciliation magic would not work in the least. (We still tried our luck anyway and of course it failed.)

It is perfectly normal and very characteristic for a person to be perpetually confused after a breakup.I performed this spell with her permission of course, because I did not approve of her ex-man. (He was a player.)

All she saw of him was his charm, his big, muscular and handsome frame, his performance in bed, his jokes. She continued to mourn for him and did not want anyone else to her he was perfect. She could not bear to hurt him and kept coming up with excuses for his behaviour. She was an amateur conjurer and kept on doing love spells to bring him back.

After my Clarity Coconut Head she felt he was an asshole, a cheater and a man-slut, he looked ugly and it became "so damn clear" to her that her cheating ex had to be Crossed. She did not want him back anymore. Worked better than Cut & Clear which failed on her before.

Massive turn around don't you agree?

In Singapore coconuts are easy to get. There's the hairy kind used in Indian temples for pooja and the kind in supermarkets. (Above.) Coconut juice is a popular and refreshing drink.

It was just a simple one-day job. Most of the time folks use dried herbs for conjure, in this case I used all fresh herbs. I also used fresh sage and fresh thyme. Sage is for Clarity, Thyme calms a troubled mind.

I cracked open the coconut and drank all the juice and connected with the spirit of the coconut, followed by the spirit of sage and thyme telling each what I needed to do, and the full name of my subject.

I wrote my petition on a piece of brown paper-bag paper neatly torn on all sides, dabbed Clarity Oil in its four corners and centre, put in my subject's hair, and folded it using the clockwise and towards-me hoodoo method.

I put the petition in the coconut and stuffed the fresh sage with the thyme, letting the leaves of the herbs stick out of the hole. By then it looked really cute, like a person's head, with herb as hair. (Which is the whole idea.)

I used holy water and baptised the thing in my subject's name.

I burnt pomelo incense, and rocked the coconut head gently over it chanting "see him for who he really is clearly" over and over again for about an hour being in a pleasant dream-like state, just feeling spirit, smelling the incense and visualising things in my mind's eye.

At the end of the ritual I went out in to the forest and laid coconut head at the foot of a tree, praying for her to see things clearly, as decomposition would take place, things would return to the soil and life would begin anew, in a clear, and natural way, akin to the cycle of nature. (I did not "unbaptise" the coconut.)

In my personal experience fresh herbs work very quickly. Clarity Coconut Head saw movement in just 3-4 days. By 10 days it was more or less concluded. (It might be because it takes a very short time to change one's mind after the truth has been revealed though!)

The use of the coconut is versatile, it can also be used for cursing. The above method as far as I know is certainly not hoodoo, I am pretty sure it is of South-East Asian origin.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Friendship Bottle Spell

Dear Hoodoo blog,

We all should value not just our romantic relationships, but our platonic ones as well. Life is a journey, and not all of our romantic relations will work until we find one's true love. And whom is there for us when our world falls apart? Our friends, who usually stay around for life. One is gold the other is silver!

So I present to you a friendship bottle spell! This is good to keep friends you already have, bring close again friends who have drifted apart from you, and at the same time attract new, good and genuine friends.

You will need for this job:

•Short glass bottle
•Paraffin oil (or any oil of your choice like olive or vegetable)
•Brown petition paper
•Jute fibre string or cotton string
•Ceramic bottle wick holder
•Thick cotton wick
•Clump of your own hair

•Cloves (friendship)
•Lavender (peace, love abit of healing)
•Rose buds (love)
•Balm of Gilead buds (love and reconciliation)
•Rue (love and protects from fake friends, jealous friends and gossip)
•Deer's Tongue (effective communication)
•Tobacco (for long-distance work in contacting friends who are far away)
•Pyrite bits (attracting new friends)

Suitable Hoodoo Oils:
•Talk To Me
•Return To Me

The above is alot of herbs already. Add the herbs in generous amounts. What you do, is you need to feel and connect with each herb telling each what to do then put them in the bottle. If there was a suitable psalm it would be psalm 23, whilst concentrating for the Lord and herb spirits to help you bring back your friends.

Write your petition, turn it clockwise and write your name over it with the number of times of your choice. Put some herbs in there along with your hair, and roll it towards you, concentrating for your friends to return and for there to be love and harmony and good communication. Tie it up. (You must roll this not fold it unlike what you would usually do with a jar spell.)

Make sure the roll is tight enough to fit through the neck of the bottle. Force it through the bottle. Drop in your chosen hoodoo oils with a dropper, fill it up with your paraffin oil. Swirl it abit to mix, put in your wick and you are done.

Like all oil lamps, it takes a few minutes for the oil to soak into the cotton wick, so take this time to pray and visualise for what you want to happen. Then light it.

This bottle spell is most suitable to be done in the morning, symbolising new things and brightness. No secrecy or lies. Do not forget the incense, incense is crucial for long-distance work!

This spell can be used for an indefinite amount of time, just add more paraffin oil when needed. When not needed it can sit on a shelf and look innocent like "for pretty."

I devised this spell a few months ago and it has worked very well. I in recent months got a new close friend, old friends have returned to me and I speak more intimately with them, knowing things I never knew about, the oldest friend was, of whom is from my past with no contact for over ten years, and I realised I should have kept in touch with him, him being so genuine.

The love of friends is beautiful, just like a rose.


Friday, 26 October 2012

Plastic Skull Candle

Dear Conjure Blog,
About a month ago my plastic skull tea light candle holder came in the mail! I got sick of always waiting for the shipping of the usual wonderful wax skull candles.

One would cost me like US $25 after shipping. Not at all practical even though they were really effective and manipulating people's minds! So I went shopping at this place known as eBay. I found this lovely resin skull candle holder. I had to test it out right away!

The best people of whom to test it on were my own family members, because I live with them I can see firsthand their behaviour. (I was abit uncertain because it was made of an "unnatural" material, plastic and some hoodoo people discourage the use of unnatural materials, it would also be unethical to use it for people of whom I was doing conjure work for since I was still uncertain.)

I was craving the new fast food franchise that had opened in Singapore selling fried chicken. With Southern style biscuits and potatoes and gravy and fries...

I mischievously got all of my family member's hair and stuffed them all into a brown paper packet along with some bits of tobacco and licorice powder. I tied it up with white string and put it under the plastic skull candle.

I anointed the tea light candle with Essence of Bend Over oil and lit it up. Like all other skull candle spells I lit up a cigar and breathed the smoke onto the skull and talked to it, feeling and visualising my family members.

"You all feel like eating juicy fried chicken. You all love fried chicken. You all will buy back the new fast food franchise fried chicken with biscuits, potatoes and mouth-watering gravy."

I repeated the above like a broken recorder until I felt that I had reached their minds.

By the end of the week I had all my family members eating what I wanted and they did buy back some for me. Excellent! This plastic skull candle holder works!

Of course the above is a bad example of how to do a skull candle. With any spell you should clean your space, clean your equipment, and be much more focused. Also would be good if you could clean yourself too before with a spiritual bath.

The only draw back is that with a plastic skull you can't mutilate it or hollow out its eyes and or mouth to stuff herbs in. At the most you can stick the herbs on, and after the spell you would have to wash the skull.