Friday, 1 June 2012

Cast-Off Evil Spell

• Cast-Off Evil bath
• Black candle
• Cast-Off Evil Oil
• Petition Paper
• Black string
• Personal Concerns: Hair
• Eucalyptus
• Lemon Balm
• Agrimony
• Bat Nut
• Pomelo incense

1. All the while, calm yourself and focus your mind. Take that cleansing or Cast-off evil bath. Stroking down the water off your body repeating your petition. Air dry. Collect some of the bath water and fling it against a tree. Say your petition again. Walk away. Do not look back.

2. Write your petition three times. Turn the paper counter-clockwise and write your name/the target's name over it three times. Load the paper with a wad of hair, and the herbs. Say your petition over and over again, while you fold the paper away from you, making a neat little packet. Use the black string to tie up the packet.

3. Anoint the black candle with the Cast-off Evil oil, stroking it away from you. Repeating your petition, not allowing your mind to wander. Set it in the candlestick holder. Light the incense, and smoke the petition packet in it. Sprinkle the herbs around the candle in a ring, going counter-clockwise. Lay your petition packet there. Praying your intention, rub Cast-Off Evil oil on the bat nut and put it on top of the packet.

Keep praying until it feels right, and that the universe has heard your prayer.

4. Once you are done with your spell, (petition packets can be re-used over and over again) dispose of all this in running water. Or burn it in fire and camphor. You do not want this anywhere near your home or you. It is evil after all.

* The pomelo is a citrus fruit, considered the king of citrus fruits. Citrus things clear the old, break up old conditions making way for the new. For example lemons are used in Cut & Clear spells. In Chinese legend, the pomelo tree is the tree of life. Purification, very appropriate for this spell. (Bear in mind it is a different tree from the tree Buddha sat under.)

* Bat nuts are very hard to come by in the States I hear. They only come about during the lantern festival or "Mid Autumn Festival" or "Mooncake Festival" over here. Only seasonal, these grow under freshwater. In this case, it is not used for protection, but for "scaring off" bad stuff. They taste nice in sweet soup.

* When bringing away something bad using Cast-Off Evil, better root workers will know to burn a white candle to draw in something healthier into the target's life, so that the target will not feel empty. Preferably it should be done at the same time as the Cast-Off Evil spell.

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