Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Shame Briers For Shame and Loss of Reputation

For this simple spell, I have to go out into the fields and sometimes if I feel more adventurous than usual right into the woods near my home.

Part of the magic is touching the shame brier while it is alive and growing from the ground, it grows usually together with grass in clumps. Say aloud your intent and the full name of the person of whom you want to mess up as the shame brier's leaves close up and bows downwards to the ground. (Don't forget to focus.)

An example would be, "Derek be shamed from loss of reputation."

After it has fainted completely, collect the leaves of the brier, or just uproot the whole thing to bring home with you.

I like to dry them before I use them. So like any root or herb you strew them nicely around a candle dressed with the oil of your choice. In this case it is crossing oil on a black candle.

Magic can be done at any time of the day or week, but some days and some hours are more suitable. For me being a night owl, all the fun and mischief happens in the night, and I am much more alert and in tune with things.

This is a rusty tin candle holder, and I hammered it to make its base unstable. It is symbolic of an unstable reputation. Underneath the heat-resistant cork mat are the victim's personal concerns and petition paper.

This holder has two handles, when praying, I tap it on either side causing the candle to sway and rock like a rocking chair, while chanting and cursing the victim to have an unsteady and unstable reputation, along with other curses.

Then like other negative spells, I leave the thing to burn down through the night and then take a cleansing bath.

Another variation is to use shame briers together with Hot Foot oil to make a person shamed out of your life.

Behold! A clean burn signifying a successful spell in the morning...

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