Friday, 7 September 2012

Being Possessed By The Intranquil Spirit

I shall now tell you more about myself. I am person who ever since from young was a spiritual and wild "feral child." I will say, compared to most I am very prone to spiritual possession. In my time I feel that I have been possessed by entities at least... 20-30 times? Over the years I have learnt a skill of knowing how to tell whether or not the effects are actually from my own being, or from the foreign entity.

Yes, so in order to continue to experiment personally, and serve my subjects with the Intranquil Spirit with a clean conscience I have allowed myself to be possessed more than five times already. I practically have a spiritual love affair with this spirit now.

So this is what an Intranquil Spirit supposedly looks like...

Look how pretty she is. (This is actually the Anima Sola but close enough.)

It is said the Intranquil Spirit tortures its victims into returning to the caster. I had to find out to what extent that word meant regarding the I.S. So many have said on forums you do not do that to a person of whom you love, it is very strong crossing et cetera.

What I have done is cast the spell without any form of protection to try and get possessed by the spirit and most attempts have been successful.

How better to do potentially dangerous spells but use oneself as a guinea pig as the most ethical means right?

The experience was different every time. If you search my blog the most vicious I.S. I got was the first time I prayed the prayer with that floating candle wick. (I later discovered that happening is a very rare occurrence and is not definitive of the I.S.)

In terms of "suffering" on a scale of 1-10 I would say compared to other entities I.S. would be 6 at most 7.

(*10 being the worst experience I have had so far in which the entity that possessed me was trying to kill me. I was overcome physically for about 20 or so hours, in which I was sweating profusely, suffered from extreme vomiting and diarrhoea, had a severe headache, entire abdomen in pain, insanely thirsty, and I could barely walk because I was in so much pain. I was nearly hospitalised because I could not even drink water to quench my thirst, my body would not absorb it, I would simply vomit it all out. At the same time I was very sleepy, but the pain did not allow me to go to sleep. I thought I was going to go insane, and I thought I was going to die. That, is without a doubt "torture.")

Being possessed by the I.S. was unpleasant, but I would not consider it true torture. It is suffering no doubt, but torture I would not call it so. It also became apparent that this spirit can manipulate very well one's thoughts and emotions.

I found when possessed, thoughts of the victim/target became much more clearer and magnified. They became impossible to ignore.

I discovered that emotions I felt varied alot, they differed accordingly to my history with the targets/victims. If the relationship was a bad one in which I did the dumping, I found myself very angry and resentful, thinking of all the bad memories.  I started hating the target although the incidents happened 2-3 years ago. Naturally constant thoughts of the hated target irritated me. I felt as though I wanted to cursed and or beat up the hated target.

If the relationship was one in which I was dumped, I felt longing and heartache for the target again, I found myself getting emotional and missing the target desperately and sentimentally. I was utterly in love again and the emotions were not just psychological, but physical and sexual as well. (5 senses.) I felt as though the break-up happened just the day before. I would get teary, wishing to be in my ex-lover's arms again.

But in all possession experiences, I found something very unique about the I.S. –it was exceedingly difficult to tell if the emotions I felt were from myself or caused by the spirit. This spirit's manipulations are very convincing. I could barely tell I was possessed, at times it felt as though I was not possessed at all.

I realised it is because the spirit uses and manipulates the past (but permanent) bond created with the targets during the relationship. Thus, it is "real" emotions. It is from yourself, the spirit re-awakens and creates fresh again the passion, or wounds from the past relationship and makes you/the target feel it again right there in the present.

I found sometimes I had trouble sleeping whilst under possession by the I.S. Sleep would be shallow, I felt as though I was just laying there with my eyes closed, and there would be bad dreams if there was any sleep. On a few occasions when I woke up I felt my body was painful and stiff, whether from lack of sleep, or stress caused by the spirit I am not sure.

I better understand how this spirit works and why it is so effective. All of the above mentioned, will cause in time (months) clinical depression. And when a person is depressed, he/she will become weak and vulnerable and eventually cave in and run back to the caster. (In psychology depressed people naturally will want to go to what emotionally comforts them, and it will be the caster because the whole time the caster will be on their minds.)

The depressed, desperate and pathetic love-sick state will come after the being pissed and angry state. When the target is too harrowed and depressed from lack of sleep etc to be angry. (Also depends here on how the relationship was, if it were happy and the break-up happened due to outside conditions there naturally would be less anger because the bond was comprised of more love and harmony than anger, resentment and discord.)

Stories of the I.S. specifically causing a person to be pissed and angry is not true in my opinion. It is because the target is angry and resentful at the fact that he/she hates the caster and has decided to breakup and walk out, but %#¡*! can't, and they hate it.

If the past bond was true and strong, reconciliation is likely.  Also because the person will be a love-sick wreck the emotional intensity akin to during the peak of the love affair, and possibly even in a desperate state. By logic, if the reasons for the break-up were to be solved the I.S. can be used for an effective reconciliation. Here is a hint: The I.S. can be used with clever intent to make the person desperate enough to cooperate in solving the problems that caused the break-up. (Some have even used the I.S. on commitment-phobic people to get that boyfriend or girlfriend to commit to a serious relationship.)

I.S. is ingenious. God bless the person who came up with the Intranquil Spirit prayer.


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  1. Hiiiii!
    thanks for positing this. I'm considering casting this spell (with protection) did any of the targets come back to you?
    how did you get rid of the intranquil spirits afterwards?
    how did you get rid of the other spirits that possessed you? I'm very sensitive to spiritual attachment and need to figure it out but it's hard to find a worker who isn't shady.