Monday, 17 September 2012

Intranquil Spirit Oil Lamp

As I have said, I am a complete oil lamp nut. They give fast results and are much more older in origin than candles. The fact that this is hanging makes the target restless. (Suspension does that effect in Hoodoo.)

Here is a record of an Intranquil Spirit oil lamp spell. I used pink oil in this case for reconciliation. As everybody knows, when saying the prayer, in one hand is the offering to the spirit:

And in the other hand a rosary:

Inside the oil lamp is a rolled up petition paper attached to the wick with red cotton string. I use DMC thread. Within the petition paper is the victim's hair, graveyard dirt and powdered reconciliation and controlling herbs. This roll can be used again and again, re-attached to new wicks.

It is better to memorise the prayer than read it off a piece of paper. (It allows for better focus and it seems more "proper.")

The oil lamp is refilled daily and the prayer is repeated nightly for as long as desired. Of course before the prayer is done is protection and after the prayer is done is cleansing. This is very important, never neglect the latter and former or you will become intranquilised yourself.

Bright and flickering flames are a good sign. It means that the victim is greatly affected and that the spirit is working hard for you to torment the target. Ironically signs of resistance are also good. The more the victims resist the harder the spirit will whack them.

Divination signs can be read from oil lamps as in vigils. Here is a very good example of a successful Intranquil Spirit oil lamp. Typically some oil is left where the wick ends, but here it has burnt completely clean and is as dry as a bone. (This rarely happens with oil lamps.)

Here is a closer look. You can see that the red string and petition paper has become the wick itself, drawing up all the oil. The spirit was probably particularly thirsty, spirits live in the present, and it was a good sign by chance the thread happened to settle right at the point of the glass bubble oil lamp.

A very successful burn.

Sometimes I have ever tried praying the prayer both in the day,

and in the night. But I feel it is excessive and does not seem to make a significant difference to the power of the spirit or speed for results.

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