Friday, 26 October 2012

Plastic Skull Candle

Dear Conjure Blog,
About a month ago my plastic skull tea light candle holder came in the mail! I got sick of always waiting for the shipping of the usual wonderful wax skull candles.

One would cost me like US $25 after shipping. Not at all practical even though they were really effective and manipulating people's minds! So I went shopping at this place known as eBay. I found this lovely resin skull candle holder. I had to test it out right away!

The best people of whom to test it on were my own family members, because I live with them I can see firsthand their behaviour. (I was abit uncertain because it was made of an "unnatural" material, plastic and some hoodoo people discourage the use of unnatural materials, it would also be unethical to use it for people of whom I was doing conjure work for since I was still uncertain.)

I was craving the new fast food franchise that had opened in Singapore selling fried chicken. With Southern style biscuits and potatoes and gravy and fries...

I mischievously got all of my family member's hair and stuffed them all into a brown paper packet along with some bits of tobacco and licorice powder. I tied it up with white string and put it under the plastic skull candle.

I anointed the tea light candle with Essence of Bend Over oil and lit it up. Like all other skull candle spells I lit up a cigar and breathed the smoke onto the skull and talked to it, feeling and visualising my family members.

"You all feel like eating juicy fried chicken. You all love fried chicken. You all will buy back the new fast food franchise fried chicken with biscuits, potatoes and mouth-watering gravy."

I repeated the above like a broken recorder until I felt that I had reached their minds.

By the end of the week I had all my family members eating what I wanted and they did buy back some for me. Excellent! This plastic skull candle holder works!

Of course the above is a bad example of how to do a skull candle. With any spell you should clean your space, clean your equipment, and be much more focused. Also would be good if you could clean yourself too before with a spiritual bath.

The only draw back is that with a plastic skull you can't mutilate it or hollow out its eyes and or mouth to stuff herbs in. At the most you can stick the herbs on, and after the spell you would have to wash the skull. 

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