Monday, 9 July 2012

Miniature Bottle Spell

Size and scale, and burning more candles for a spell does not add more power. It is the intent and focus of the magician that does it. (Of course if you are a very competent one, size and scale does make some sort of difference, in its power to attract even more spirits to aid in your work.)

But a small scale and tiny thing can be very powerful as well when done correctly. I've done only a few of these miniature bottle spells and so far all have been successful in final manifestation.

The height of this little bottle is only a little more than an inch tall, or 3.4cm.

Inside is a tightly folded up petition paper with the relevant herbs et cetera. Dabbed with hoodoo oil at both ends, so is the tiny candle. (Birthday candle-sized.)

What I do is sit there the entire twenty minutes or so praying very intently and focusing my mind very hard until the candle burns down. Sometimes I rap my petition, sometimes I just read a particular psalm.

The whole idea is that since the candle will not be burning for long, one is forced to concentrate with that slight sense of urgency, as opposed to a larger candle. (This is good for people whose minds have a tendency to wander.)

In this miniature bottle spell all of the wax was consumed in the burn and it was very clean. A very good and characteristic sign of a successful spell. Spells in which there is alot of left-over wax is not good, it is a sign of obstacles in the way and likely a Road Opener will have to be done.

Like in most bottle spells, after the candle is done burning in the mouth of the candle it is stoppered to keep the magic inside it, and to make sure it does not run out.

In very clean burns, only the wick of the candle is left. Look carefully, can you see the white wick?

Since the bottle is so small, it can be carried discreetly in one's pocket. For whatever the intention of the bottle spell was done for.

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