Monday, 17 September 2012

Hoodoo Oils

Dear Conjure blog,

Tonight I shall be writing about magical oils. Hoodoo oils in this case. Most of the ones pictured here are bought, some of them are my personal mixtures.

You all are probably wondering how I tell the dozens of oils I have apart like this with all the labels removed, meticulously scrubbed off by soap and steel wool. (I just feel that they look nicer this way.)

Who doesn't like one's oil collection right? The moment new oils get shipped in, I waste no time getting myself acquainted with them. I tell my oils apart by appearance and smell. In good magical oils, herbs can be seen floating about inside and can be recognised.

I tell them apart abit by vibration and feeling too, because I am empathetic to a small degree. It is important to be familiar with them, and it really helps to "get in the mood" for the spell each are used for. You must be gently in tune, and feel the energies and spirits about helping you and hearing your prayer.

Scent plays an important role for me, since my eyes are often closed or half-closed during prayer. Hoodoo oils are subtle, and very relaxing. (Unless of course if it is Break-up oil, Dark Arts oil or Crossing oil, these sorts do not smell pleasant.)

Scent affects mood. We see people, even non-magical people making use of it, like novelty scent shops and aromatherapy. I do not quite like using those though, because sometimes they are just made up of chemicals and other artificial things made to smell like the real thing, with no connection to the herb/nature spirits associated with that formulated scent.

It is almost as though I can smell the spirits and magic itself working. Or it might be because I have been influenced by mindfulness meditation.

Dear friends, I encourage you to feel and enjoy your oils more. Smell them, appreciate their colour, the way they look and the herbs within them. It helps with understanding your magic and thus your magic will work better. With so many things and distractions in this modern day and age, we often forget that such simple little things can hold beauty and forget to appreciate them.

Good night,

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