Sunday, 30 September 2012

Black Candle Tobacco Spell

Ah, the wonders of tobacco. One of the reasons why I call myself "Smoke" or the "Smoking Conjurer" is because I smoke tobacco and revel in it very much. (Other than this, I am an incense fanatic.)

"Black candle tobacco" is just a fancy occult name for tobacco, it is exactly the same as... you know the ordinary thing everyone smokes which is found in cigarettes and cigars? Do not be confused. The scientific name for the plant is "nicotiana tabacum."

This is a herb that I like very much and resonate very well with. (No, unfortunately I am not a chain smoker.) It is a very hypnotic herb, that makes it as if there is no distance between say, a target or a place you wish to "visit" if you know what I mean.

It is a very "deep" and in some ways a dark herb. Like opium (which is more of the mind and healing), but more on a spiritual level. It is also not as "heavy" as opium. Hence it is often used in communication spells, in which all distance no matter how far is bridged and a target's spirit can be talked to directly.

It can be used for controlling, and even cursing. The fact that it affects the caster physically as well, gently calming while smoking much helps the mind to focus. Like making your conscious mind less alert, and the subconscious heightens, it is like being pleasantly half in a dream. I enjoy the latter very much.

Oh, I have gotten off topic now!

Now, for the popular "contact me" Black Candle Tobacco spell. You will require:

• Grease-proof paper
• Masking tape
• 1 or 2 brown votive candles
• 1 ordinary candle
• powdered tobacco
• deer's tongue herb (optional)
• target's personal concerns of photo
• Return To Me oil or Tobacco Infusion oil or similar

This spell involves you getting your hands dirty.

In many contact me spells, the caster's blood is sometimes used. I leave this part for the last step, just a prick on the finger and the blood to be dabbed onto the wick of the candle.

With the masking tape, stick down the grease-proof paper onto the table nice and good. Will not do if while rolling the candle the paper comes off.

Load the brown candle of which you will be using for the spell with the target's personal concerns, right in the foot of the candle. (Poke a hole and jam in the personal concerns, and then seal it in with some wax.) Here is a macro shot of the target's personal concerns, of which I rolled up into a tiny ball to jam into said tiny hole...

Light the ordinary candle. You will be passing the brown candle through the flame of this candle to soften it.

Rub your hands with the hoodoo oil you have chosen, and rub the candle with it. The oil also helps your powdered herbs to stick onto it. Start passing it slowly through the candle flame...

The idea is to roll the softened candle on the grease-proof paper sprinkled with your powdered herbs to get the herbs deep into the wax. Some people even use two candles, by melting one, removing the wick  and spreading the wax  out onto the paper, then rolling the other candle in it, making the candle much thicker.

During the whole process your mind must be focused on what you want to occur, thinking of what you want the target to do. "You must find me. You have to find me." Something like that, as you roll the candle in your direction. Envision the person coming to you as you do so.

Half of the spell is during the physical crafting of the candle, when your intent is being "made" right into your tobacco candle.

Now if you like, prick your finger and dab your blood onto the wick of the candle.

The last part is to put it in a candle holder and light it. Then while continuing to talk to the candle as if it were the person, light your tobacco and speak to the candle through the smoke.

Some people section the candle, snuffing it out after praying, to make the spell a 3-day or 7-day affair in the nights when they are sure that the target is sleeping, some just make it a one-night thing and let it burn down. (At the back is a picture box spell with a tea light candle burning on it.)

(People are most vulnerable when they are asleep, and hence it is best to hoodoo them when they are asleep.)

Here the flame went tall, with no smoke or soot, and flickered, meaning the target was greatly affected by the work.

Tobacco candle spell. Savour it, smoke it. Try it.

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