Sunday, 29 April 2012

Steady and Faithful Honeyjar

People think honeyjars are weak. I disagree, they only seem weak because their power works very subtly and slowly. But so steady and long.

The first hoodoo thing I ever did was of a honey jar spell. I would say it was… five long years ago. Maybe because it was my first, it did not seem to work at all. I recall working on it for a month or two. I burnt candles on it daily in the mornings whenever I woke up at roughly the same time. At the time I just used plain olive oil on the candles along with plain and simple herbs for the inside of the jar, no specially made fancy hoodoo condition oils or any of that. I did not use coloured candles either, just plain white paraffin ones like how they used in conjure during the old days.

Then I gave up and kept it away. Six months later when I had forgotten all about it, I started seeing movement and then results. Within a year I saw its full effects, and then another year passed I realised that the effects of this honey jar was quite permanent even though I kept it away.

Although I have always believed in magic and what prayer can do, I sometimes still get amazed at how much a difference and change it can make.

I disposed of the honey jar in a non-hoodoo way though. I emptied out its contents in the middle of a field to let the herbs and honey return to nature via decomposition.

I have learnt, that sometimes even though no candles or incense is burning, magic is still working, unseen and in its mysterious way. Patience is a quality every mage should have.

So, by all means go ahead and do that honey jar to change that undesirable situation. As long as the wish is not humanely and unnaturally impossible, you will be pleasantly surprised at what a seemingly unsuspecting and subtle honey jar can do. (Especially so regarding jars of which you ironically think aren't working or were not done properly.)

Don't forget to thank the spirits of the herbs and the bees for their help. And he who is full of grace our almighty God.

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