Wednesday, 18 April 2012

From Candles to Oil Lamps

Dear Blog,
Lately I have been much drawn to working more with oil lamps than with candles. Why? Being in the Orient, if I need ritual shape candles or figural candles I would have to have them shipped over from the United States. In which the shipping itself costs more than the candles, and the wait is insufferable. (2-3 weeks to get here or sometimes even a month!) Not very wise. Also by the time the candles got here much time would have been wasted and the situation calling for the spell may have changed and you may not even need what you were waiting for!

PS: Here, the candle colours available from spiritual shops of various religions are mostly red, yellow, white and sometimes black. Other colours are hard to find and are expensive.

It first began with me making my own oil lamps out of used glass bottles. I use paraffin oil, it burns well with no smell. To make sure that the small glass wick would not fall through the large mouth of the bottle, I used a metal washer. The sort they sell in DIY stores for use with nuts and bolts.
I would tie my petition paper rolled up with herbs, and with the appropriate string colour tie it right to the end of the wick of the oil lamp. I would mix a few drops of hoodoo condition oil into the paraffin lamp oil.

Then I started getting even more creative. Since I could not practically get figural candles conveniently...

Here's a closer look at the tightly rolled petition paper with herbs inside so that it can fit through the narrow neck of the bottle.

Here is a female-shaped bottle.

Yes. Dear friends. I strongly encourage you all to try using oil lamps in Hoodoo. From personal observation, magic using oil lamps seem to manifest faster. Come to think of it this would be considered a type of container spell. (And come on! It looks too cool!) Meaning the results should be long lasting, like that of a honey jar…

I must experiment further... Paraffin oil comes in virtually every colour.