Wednesday, 2 May 2012


So easily accessible. So convenient. Yet so powerful and underrated. Or in some cases people are hesitant about using them because it seems complicated or difficult. Some people say it has to be a fertile egg. Others say it has to be from a black hen. Not all of us can get that, so for the rest of us we can just use commercial eggs right from the supermarket sold in cartons. Like this British Lion brand egg.

People need to take care of themselves more, and not fall into self-neglect. It can be done so with the humble chicken's egg. (Actually other eggs can be used as well, but chicken's eggs are most common.)

Eggs, are symbolic of life, new beginnings, fertility, even a little like the world, it being round and can be also used to represent a person. These things have a strong property of being able to absorb negativity very well. Hence they are most often used in cleansings. Used to rub a persons body, starting from the top of a person's head, with a cross, another cross on the chest, back of the neck, all the time praying your intent, down to the palms of your hands again with a cross and the soles of your feet. After that it can be cracked into a glass of water to be used for egg divination. If a person is suffering from illness or being cursed, the yolk can be splattered with red, have black patches or smell bad.

A trick I know is using eggs to remove bruises. Take an egg and hard boil it, remove its shell. While it is still very hot, roll it over your bruise while praying.

Eggs are powerful for use as container spells. What you do, is shake a raw uncooked egg in its shell to mix its yolk and white. Then, you knock a hole in it and pour out some of its contents to make way for what you are going to put in it. Pour in ground herbs depending on your intent, along with personal concerns and seal it with wax. It is tedious and fiddly to do, but the strong results of the spell will be well worth it.

Write your petition like so...

Continue shaking up the egg and praying to mix well what you have put inside it. Some rootworkers feel that just doing that is enough, others like to light candles around it and pray even more.

Once again, depending on your intent you either go outside and throw it against a tree, or toss it at a busy crossroads. Go home and do not look back.

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