Wednesday, 18 April 2012

How I Screwed Up With The Intranquil Spirit

Alot of people do not know the seriousness or amount of trouble conjuring the spirit of intranquility can cause. No joke. What it really is, is spirit conjure. (This magic here is of Hoodoo.)

It is known that the spirit of intranquility is a random one of which the caster calls up from the pits of hell. It is known that if the caster did not do adequate protection the spirit can possess or attach itself to the caster as well as the target.

I got the latter, as well as something slightly rarer, a haunting in my room.

I had conjured up a strong spirit, one strong enough to have poltergeist abilities/do things in the physical plane. It levitated a candle flame, wax, wick and all while I was doing honey jar work.

I was doing my usual thing of chanting over some love and harmony honey jars, I was focusing very intently at the honey jar on the left of the picture. The candle had burnt right down to a drop of wax, while the flame still burnt, the whole thing suddenly levitated like a little fairy and floated past my oil lamp, brushing past it leaving a mark of red wax and gently settling upon the table at the foot of another honey jar where it burnt clean.

The white arrows show its path.

The top of the honey jar where the candle was, was totally clean with no wax residue at all save for a stain of the red dye used in the manufacturing of the candle.

The small mark of wax left on my oil lamp.

The place where it landed, to show you, I have scraped what little wax there was left with my nail.

Being new to Hoodoo initially I thought the incident was a good sign in which a spirit associated with love did that. I asked my Hoodoo teacher and she did a reading, and told me it was the intranquility spirit of which I conjured up– that it was haunting my premises. (It was probably trying to burn down my house.)

It also explained my crazy and erratic behaviour for the past few weeks. When possessed by the spirit, one has a tendency to be short-tempered and sometimes even vicious much like the target. Also due to my depression my suffering was magnified. (This is a warning for casters who are in depression to take extra caution with the spirit of intranquility.)

I had to perform an exorcism. I did a protection spiritual bath. I used disk incense for purification and chanted psalm 91 while fanning the smoke with the bible, I walked about everywhere, opening cupboards and drawers as well smoking them thoroughly.

After that I laid salt in the corners of the room to keep the intranquility spirit out.

Also I had to do a 13-Day Uncrossing bath prescribed to me by my teacher. To get rid of all the nasty bad luck and vibes being possessed by the spirit gave me. I should have listened to teacher and not done the intranquility vigil. But no, I thought it would be "fun." I can imagine her slapping her head in exasperation reading my blog.

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