Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Taoist Ritual Calling For Divine Justice

This is very heavy subject matter for a first post, but who cares. Here goes.

A few years back, I imagine regarding prayers and magic this is certainly the worst thing I had ever done. Of course my intent was not of the disturbing results that came of it, it was after all the Gods who decided upon it. But still… that was something unforgettable.

This story involves a very bad man. Akin to a rapist, who never got caught by the law. Let's call the hypocritical man, "Uncle Simon." I need not go much more into specifics on what this man did to deserve negative attention from my spiritual community. He used to be part of the community in fact, almost like a monk wearing a wooden Buddhist mala around his neck saying "amitabha" to everyone he saw.

I lost my temper with him. We had tolerated alot, and that little thing was the last straw.

Prayer to the Gods is best done on a full moon. But I did not wait, and I did it in broad daylight. I went straight to the nearest joss paper shop (shop that sells Taoist spiritual supplies) and bought big joss stick incense, incense disks (not charcoal disks) gold-leaf paper with the correct Taoist scriptures on them. Lots of them. After the joss paper shop, I went straight to the market to buy some fragrant steamed rice, roast duck, deep fried pork, marinated sweet pork and roast chicken. (An offering to the Gods.)

I took a small foldable table with me along with my supplies and went right into the middle of a large field. The sky was slightly overcast and greying. Out in the field, was where I could be close to the spirits of the earth, wind and grass.

On the foldable table I laid out the food. A little ways aside I stuck the three big incense sticks/joss sticks I bought into the ground along with a pair of wooden candles. Each incense stick, over an inch in width traditionally represents, Earth, Heaven and Hell. So that my prayer would be heard in all three realms.

After I had finished setting up the altar in the open, I knelt there on the grass and began to pray. I worked myself up into an insane fury, and started shouting, lighting the candles and incense sticks. I lit the gold leaf paper by the wooden candles and got a large and fierce fire going. All the while I cried and shouted myself hoarse for divine justice. Once the fire was large enough I threw in the disk incense for purification.

I had been yelling so loud that in the distance at the edge of the field some people were watching. By that time I was very tired and slightly giddy from focusing my intent. I ended the ritual when I felt that spirits had "eaten" what they wanted from my offerings laid out upon my little folding table, and I helped myself to some of it. (Some people leave the food, some people eat it.) In this case I had to, I needed to ground myself and bring my mind back from the spirit world into the physical plane. By then thunder was beginning to rumble and the cool rain started falling.

A few months later, Uncle Simon died in his home. He had a serious gangrene infection, on his privates, and told the doctor he would, "rather die" than have it cut off and save his life. He very well got what he wanted.

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