Saturday, 21 April 2012

Hoodoo Guinea Pig: Power Spell

It would appear one's talents in magic can be reflective of one's inner self. For example a person who has a great capacity to love would be talented in love work, a lucky person or a fluke can be great at gambling and money work et cetera.

As a person who knows myself very well, I seem to be good at work related to personal development and growth.

A while back, I cast a power spell for my female friend. Of whom has gladly volunteered herself as my hoodoo guinea pig. The situation was for her that at work she kept getting picked on, and being the sensitive lady that she is, she's often very affected by it and cries about it.

I thought against a protection spell it would mean me having to cast one over and over again. I thought a power spell with the petition, "Don't be affected by what people say" was best.

I went full steam ahead. For her, I petitioned Guan Yin, The Goddess of Mercy. (My friend has always prayed to her.) Then in hoodoo tradition in paying Saints for their work I paid her with a pink lotus flower at her temple at Waterloo street. Back in the day during British Colonial times, the British called her, "The Mother Mary of the East." And they couldn't have been more appropriate.

I decided on a simple purple candle spell and container spell, with petition paper filled with mostly wisdom herbs and some orris root powder for power.

The petition paper. I used brown paper torn from a BodyShop paper bag. (Since my friend is really into eco-friendly stuff.) I used maroon DMC string to symbolise strength and vigour instead of the usual purple.

I have developed a habit of tying petition papers filled with personal concerns and herbs in this manner. The way the string crosses and holds the paper, feels like that of a crossroads in hoodoo…

I prepared the container (in this case a tin) by simply setting it near the lit purple candle so that it could be charged by its light. I sang over the altar with the "Great Compassion Mantra" in Tibetan. I used Jasmine coil incense, because I thought it would nicely compliment the feminine power of orris root. After the candle spell was done (the next day), I poured the herbs used in its holder along with the petition paper into the tin and closed it.

I did not get any signs at all within the stipulated three days, but by a week there was movement. I was surprised by the results because I expected my friend to learn how to be tougher and more confident, and that the insults at her workplace would continue. Instead she reported to me that people just abruptly stopped bullying her. Then it was followed by her work superiors praising her.

I continued lighting purple candles every other day on my hoodoo guinea pig's power tin. I used power oil, King Solomon's wisdom and crucible of courage on the 4-inch candles.

Then it became her being more noticed and often chosen to lead for certain projects. And now more recently she has been chosen for awards in outstanding service. (Her profession is in a male dominated one.) She says she has never felt more appreciated and received such recognition in a long time. She described its effects as "crazy." Even I am dumbfounded. I have to do alot of self-reflection on what I did right.

Magic works not always in the way you thought it would.

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