Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Clarity Coconut Head

Dear Conjure Blog,
Today I shall be recounting some of the Clarity spells I have done for my subjects/clients.

I am very talented at self-improvement spells, and my Clarity is strong. It does wonders for a confused person, a person in denial, a person who is wearing rose-tinted glasses, a person who only sees the good and none of the glaring bad et cetera. I have to explain what Clarity is for because although it is a very useful spell, it is an unpopular one.

I just did another "Clarity Coconut Head" recently, but the case that I am recounting is one I did years ago.

The case was a heart-broken woman who wanted her man back after a breakup. They were engaged. Unfortunately for her the readings did state that Reconciliation magic would not work in the least. (We still tried our luck anyway and of course it failed.)

It is perfectly normal and very characteristic for a person to be perpetually confused after a breakup.I performed this spell with her permission of course, because I did not approve of her ex-man. (He was a player.)

All she saw of him was his charm, his big, muscular and handsome frame, his performance in bed, his jokes. She continued to mourn for him and did not want anyone else to her he was perfect. She could not bear to hurt him and kept coming up with excuses for his behaviour. She was an amateur conjurer and kept on doing love spells to bring him back.

After my Clarity Coconut Head she felt he was an asshole, a cheater and a man-slut, he looked ugly and it became "so damn clear" to her that her cheating ex had to be Crossed. She did not want him back anymore. Worked better than Cut & Clear which failed on her before.

Massive turn around don't you agree?

In Singapore coconuts are easy to get. There's the hairy kind used in Indian temples for pooja and the kind in supermarkets. (Above.) Coconut juice is a popular and refreshing drink.

It was just a simple one-day job. Most of the time folks use dried herbs for conjure, in this case I used all fresh herbs. I also used fresh sage and fresh thyme. Sage is for Clarity, Thyme calms a troubled mind.

I cracked open the coconut and drank all the juice and connected with the spirit of the coconut, followed by the spirit of sage and thyme telling each what I needed to do, and the full name of my subject.

I wrote my petition on a piece of brown paper-bag paper neatly torn on all sides, dabbed Clarity Oil in its four corners and centre, put in my subject's hair, and folded it using the clockwise and towards-me hoodoo method.

I put the petition in the coconut and stuffed the fresh sage with the thyme, letting the leaves of the herbs stick out of the hole. By then it looked really cute, like a person's head, with herb as hair. (Which is the whole idea.)

I used holy water and baptised the thing in my subject's name.

I burnt pomelo incense, and rocked the coconut head gently over it chanting "see him for who he really is clearly" over and over again for about an hour being in a pleasant dream-like state, just feeling spirit, smelling the incense and visualising things in my mind's eye.

At the end of the ritual I went out in to the forest and laid coconut head at the foot of a tree, praying for her to see things clearly, as decomposition would take place, things would return to the soil and life would begin anew, in a clear, and natural way, akin to the cycle of nature. (I did not "unbaptise" the coconut.)

In my personal experience fresh herbs work very quickly. Clarity Coconut Head saw movement in just 3-4 days. By 10 days it was more or less concluded. (It might be because it takes a very short time to change one's mind after the truth has been revealed though!)

The use of the coconut is versatile, it can also be used for cursing. The above method as far as I know is certainly not hoodoo, I am pretty sure it is of South-East Asian origin.

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