Sunday, 17 March 2013

Friendship Bottle Spell

Dear Hoodoo blog,

We all should value not just our romantic relationships, but our platonic ones as well. Life is a journey, and not all of our romantic relations will work until we find one's true love. And whom is there for us when our world falls apart? Our friends, who usually stay around for life. One is gold the other is silver!

So I present to you a friendship bottle spell! This is good to keep friends you already have, bring close again friends who have drifted apart from you, and at the same time attract new, good and genuine friends.

You will need for this job:

•Short glass bottle
•Paraffin oil (or any oil of your choice like olive or vegetable)
•Brown petition paper
•Jute fibre string or cotton string
•Ceramic bottle wick holder
•Thick cotton wick
•Clump of your own hair

•Cloves (friendship)
•Lavender (peace, love abit of healing)
•Rose buds (love)
•Balm of Gilead buds (love and reconciliation)
•Rue (love and protects from fake friends, jealous friends and gossip)
•Deer's Tongue (effective communication)
•Tobacco (for long-distance work in contacting friends who are far away)
•Pyrite bits (attracting new friends)

Suitable Hoodoo Oils:
•Talk To Me
•Return To Me

The above is alot of herbs already. Add the herbs in generous amounts. What you do, is you need to feel and connect with each herb telling each what to do then put them in the bottle. If there was a suitable psalm it would be psalm 23, whilst concentrating for the Lord and herb spirits to help you bring back your friends.

Write your petition, turn it clockwise and write your name over it with the number of times of your choice. Put some herbs in there along with your hair, and roll it towards you, concentrating for your friends to return and for there to be love and harmony and good communication. Tie it up. (You must roll this not fold it unlike what you would usually do with a jar spell.)

Make sure the roll is tight enough to fit through the neck of the bottle. Force it through the bottle. Drop in your chosen hoodoo oils with a dropper, fill it up with your paraffin oil. Swirl it abit to mix, put in your wick and you are done.

Like all oil lamps, it takes a few minutes for the oil to soak into the cotton wick, so take this time to pray and visualise for what you want to happen. Then light it.

This bottle spell is most suitable to be done in the morning, symbolising new things and brightness. No secrecy or lies. Do not forget the incense, incense is crucial for long-distance work!

This spell can be used for an indefinite amount of time, just add more paraffin oil when needed. When not needed it can sit on a shelf and look innocent like "for pretty."

I devised this spell a few months ago and it has worked very well. I in recent months got a new close friend, old friends have returned to me and I speak more intimately with them, knowing things I never knew about, the oldest friend was, of whom is from my past with no contact for over ten years, and I realised I should have kept in touch with him, him being so genuine.

The love of friends is beautiful, just like a rose.


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