Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sometimes Just Oiled Candles Are Enough

Dear Hoodoo Blog,
It's time I started writing again. Sometimes when you are rushing for time, you have a tendency to get sloppy with your spells. It's not the size of the candles and the amount of herbs used and all that that determines the strength of your spell.

It's your focus and mental direction. Sometimes when doing spells I have no means to get the needed herbs. So what I do, is just use what hoodoo oils I have in my drawers. I guess it might be the whole idea of why oils exist –to make life easier and simpler for the caster.

Pictured here are six paraffin taper candles. They burn about an inch an hour. The black were dressed with Black Destroyer oil and the white were dressed with Van Van oil. To remove curses (Black Destroyer) and to change bad luck into good (Van Van).

I encourage practitioners to take shots of their spellwork using digital cameras, because for some reason spirits and orbs show better on digital rather than on traditional film.

Look carefully, the simple candle and oil offering was enough to attract spirits. One of them can be seen slightly off-centre of this photo, a spirit orb... See a purplish orb with a white centre. And to the right of it, another little white spot like a sun dog.

Spirits are generally everywhere, but when they appear around one's spellwork that is a very good sign, it means they are helping, they accept the offering and the spell was successful.

Ah, so much more magic to do...
Signing off,


  1. Hey from London, thank you for sharing your lovely journey of hoodoo! I'ma lover of candle work, along with the oils and herbs. I use candles every day for prayer and petitioning, and I just feel comfortable using the candles. One day I'll be bold enough to make mojo and gris-gris bags! I am waiting anxiously atm for my 7-11 Holy oil, Crown of Success and zodiac oil, but, I have no idea what I can use the zodiac oil for. Any suggestions?

    1. Zodiac oil? Oh you can use that for planetary magic! Check the planetary hours in your timezone and sync the timing of your spells. Planetary evocation is very powerful.