Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Love Spell: Couple Candle Divination

Good evening fellow Hoodoo doers!
I'm feeling sentimental tonight so I went through my conjure photo folder and brought these out. Actually a single pink candle just that it has two wicks, the two figures in a heart-shaped base. Sold by a famous company, a wise one if you know and surely many of us will recognise these wonderful mass-produced candles.

I did this for a subject/client who was having some love trouble. In this case the man she was in love with was fearful not of commitment, but of being hurt. (He was heavily traumatised before by women who took advantage of him and then disposed of him, and he did not have very much self-confidence and had low self-esteem.) The fear of being hurt was so great he seemed to be in a confused push and pull state, fear of loving her, fear admitting it even to himself. Although the whole world could see that he was in love with her. I knew that, when sensing him and reading him as an empath. I also sensed that he was a serious and yet sweet man, I completely approved and went ahead to do this for my frustrated and love-sick subject.

I planned carefully, I did this in a waxing moon. Moon in Leo (for courage and to express one's inner self vividly and openly) and in the hour of Venus. I baptised the figures in holy water, said their names and birthdates and called their spirits into the figures. I went into the zone and playfully role-played what I wished to happen. To the left is the female figure, to the right is the male figure.

"Just say that you love me. You know that it'll be nice."
"I... I! I do."

The candles were lathered in "Return To Me" and "Talk To Me" hoodoo oil. Other oil formulas I considered were "Crucible of Courage", "Clarity" and "Love Me" but I made my choice.

I focused for the man to admit to himself that he was in love with my subject, that she was beautiful and wonderful and she was not going to hurt him in anyway... and to SAY something about his feelings to her. The candle divination signs were very good.

The figures burnt the same at first:

Then the male candle burnt down faster, the flame was also bigger, indicating that he was being affected more than the lady. I took it as a sign that he would fall for her, and his heart would melt: (Oh it was like watching some dramatic romance film play in my head!)The wax from the male figure dripped alot, meaning tears or deep feelings and emotions, and the best, they dripped onto the woman showing his desire for her.

I got news later in a few weeks that the spell worked perfectly. He finally confessed. Bear in mind this was relatively easy because he already was utterly in love with her, (secretly stalking her and watching her) he just needed some courage. He just needed to say something and think about it.

The candle was surrounded by the usual love herbs, but to encourage communication there was deer's tongue, lavender (to soothe the man's  fears) and unusually used although it was not a reconciliation spell, balm of gilead. The ultimate comforter and herb to soothe away pain from the man's awful past relationship traumas. I like to call balm of gileads the "forgiveness herb." One-night working of sitting there for an hour praying. It was fluffy.

Good night,